Furniture to Match Dining Sets

A dining room offers you and your family a place to eat, relax, talk, learn, and play. Dining room furniture can be so much more than just a table and chairs. Make your room feel complete with some additions to your table and chairs, depending on how much space you have. Woodcraft Furniture explains some of the best furniture to match dining sets.

Hutch, China Cabinet, or Cupboard

A hutch, china cabinet, or cupboard stores your dinnerware. The upper part typically has display shelves that showcase your fine plates or bowls. Doors with glass both protect your items and let you see them. The lower section has pull-out drawers for silverware, while cabinets below the drawers have room for linens, placemats, and decorations. A hutch, china cabinet, or cupboard keeps everything you need to serve meals close by in terms of dining sets.

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Buffet Table or Sideboard

A buffet table or sideboard is similar to a hutch except it has no upper storage areas. Rather than cabinets with shelves to display plates, a buffet is shorter and lets you place decorative items on top. Drawers and cabinets underneath the top level have storage for essential items. A buffet is handy in a dining set because it can go underneath a window if you don’t have a lot of space along other walls. Buffets also work well for serving meals to guests because you can put plates of food on the top surface.  

Side Chairs or Bench

Expand your seating with a couple of side chairs or a bench for your dining set. Extra chairs optimize your seating arrangement if you entertain a lot, have guests over, or utilize an expandable leaf for your dining room table. Side chairs and bench are versatile in that you can move them to another room or onto a porch or patio if you need seating somewhere else. Consider stackable side chairs if you have space concerns.  

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Baker’s Rack

Store specific items on a baker’s rack in your dining set. Traditionally, a baker’s rack held space for hot pies to allow them to cool. Think about cakes, serving bowls filled with salads, trays with appetizers, or punch bowls that go well when entertaining many people. Feel free to put decorative items or artwork on your baker’s rack when not using it for entertaining or food. A baker’s rack may have small drawers in it for storing silverware.

Wine Rack or Liquor Cabinet

A wine rack or liquor cabinet conveniently stores bottles of wine and spirits nearby. Some wine racks offer refrigeration to keep bottles at the perfect temperature. Others store wine bottles sideways to optimize the space in the rack while having space for wine glasses. Liquor cabinets serve the same function but have a more open design inside the cabinet to store varying sizes of bottles. Combine the best of both worlds in your dining set with a wine rack that has cabinets on either side for bottles of spirits. Use the top counter of a wine rack or liquor cabinet to display a serving tray, decanter, and elegant stemware.

Custom-Made Dining Sets from Woodcraft Furniture    

Talk to us at Woodcraft Furniture about custom making furniture that matches your dining set. Our master craftspeople use real wood and over 100 paints, stains, glazes, and distressing to turn your ideal piece of furniture into reality. Stop by one of our showrooms to see what we mean, or contact us to find out what we can create for you.

Creating the Perfect Kitchen Island

A kitchen island truly makes the most of your cooking area. An island adds shelf space and storage while improving the overall efficiency of your kitchen. You can also match the color of your island with your cabinetry already in place. Woodcraft Furniture discusses how to select the perfect kitchen island for your home.

Measure First

The first consideration for a kitchen island is how much space you have in the room. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends at least 42 inches of space for a work aisle in the kitchen, or 48 inches if you have more than one person cooking at a time. Measure 42 inches out from your existing countertops to get an idea of where your kitchen island sits. The island should also be as tall as your counters, or about 36 inches high. Make sure to match the counter of the island with your current countertops.

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Add Utilities

Perhaps you want full-service kitchen island that includes a sink for washing/prepping food or a stovetop for cooking. This type of island requires extra space. You must allow for utilities coming out of the floor for water, electricity, or gas. Leave enough counter space around the sink or stove to put your food prep containers, plates, and cookware.

Store More

One beauty of a kitchen island is the added storage just like your cabinets. Include plenty of underneath storage, think of cabinets and drawers, to store utensils, cookware, small appliances, and other tools you want to keep nearby. Some islands have small refrigerators for storing cold drinks or wine bottles.

To Wheel or Not to Wheel  

A kitchen island with caster wheels gets you mobile. Have a handle on one side for easy gripping as you wheel it along. Move the island back and forth to your formal dining room, living room, or patio to serve food to guests. A wheeled kitchen island is ideal for entertaining people regularly. Leave plenty of space to move the island down a hallway or through a doorway, so this kind of island should probably be narrower than most. Consider a fold-out section that expands your serving space out to one side or two, just like a folding table.

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Provide Stools or Chairs

Your kitchen island may double as a stand-alone bar, depending on your kitchen’s configuration. Think about fitting two stools on one end of the island if you have space. This makes serving food or snacks easier, or it gives your family a chance to sit and relax after a long day while grabbing a quick bite.

Match the Color with Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture lets you match the color of your kitchen island with your existing cabinetry. We have more than 100 stains, glazes, paints, and distressing to achieve whatever effect you want. Contact us today or drop by one of our five stores to talk to one of our experts about what we can do for you.  

Design Elements of Bedroom Sets

Your bedroom serves as a sanctuary of peace, quiet, rejuvenation, and sleep. The furniture for your inner sanctum should make everything orderly, neat, and tidy. Bedroom sets of furniture are so much more than just a bed and a chest of drawers. Woodcraft Furniture shows you what other matching pieces go well in your bedroom.


Bedroom sets include twin nightstands, which are small tables on either side of the bed. They keep essential items on hand, such as glasses, cellphones, a book, or a glass of water. Nightstands are convenient and allow you to have a table lamp to see when it’s dark. Modern versions even come with their own charging ports for mobile devices. Nightstands are as tall as your mattress, so all you have to do is reach over and grab something.

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Armoire or Wardrobe

An armoire or wardrobe serves as a stand-alone storage area. It comes in handy if you have no closet or if you need extra space for items you have to hang that can’t get wrinkled or folded, such as dresses, slacks, or formal shirts. An armoire may have shelves for bedding, towels, and linens next to a taller space. Your armoire also adds a touch of class to your bedroom. Historically, armoires date back to 17th century France when people used them to store armor as part of their bedroom sets.

Headboard with Shelves

A headboard lets you stack pillows against it without worrying about the space in between your mattress and the wall. A sturdy headboard makes your nights more comfortable by helping you create your perfect arrangement of pillows. Headboards with shelves add convenience and an extra dimension to bedroom sets, as shelves offer a great place for books, an alarm clock, photos, and mementos. Shelves also create thickness and sturdiness for a headboard that lasts a lifetime.

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A bench at the foot of the bed offers a place to sit. The bench makes it easier to get ready for your day or take off your shoes after a long day at work. Benches were also traditional pieces of furniture for bedroom sets. Feel free to move the bench over to a vanity or make-up table for versatility. 

Match Everything with Custom Paint from Woodcraft Furniture

Bedroom sets should reflect your personality, but also be timeless and sturdy. Match your entire bedroom with custom paint from Woodcraft Furniture. We have more than 100 stains, shades, glazes, and effects to achieve whatever look you want with our high-quality wood furniture. Contact us today or come by one of our showrooms to see what we can do for you.

Making the Most of Home Furniture in Small Living Spaces

When you live in a small home or apartment, finding ways to make the most of your limited space can be a challenge. Your home furniture must fit neatly into your dwelling without making it look cluttered. Woodcraft Furniture has suggestions to make your living area more comfortable and spacious.

Storage Beds

When you want to maximize your space, storage beds are a great choice for home furniture. There is a lot of wasted space under traditional beds. Why not fill that empty space with storage drawers or boxes instead of it just becoming a refuge for dust bunnies? Think about linens, towels, blankets, and clothing.

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Light, Complementary Colors

Though you won’t actually be gaining any space, painting a small room a light color will make it appear bigger. If you want to use wallpaper, only use small patterns. Keep your room from becoming too “busy” by only using complementary colors that enhance the look of your home furniture. Choose a cohesive color scheme to make a calm vibe.


Adding reflective surfaces is the easiest way to open up a tiny space. Mirrors help small spaces feel bigger. If you have a room that feels too cramped, putting in a mirror is going to make a big difference. Use mirrors with interesting frames to liven up your wall. Large mirrors can create the illusion of a second room filled with home furniture.

Wall Magnets

Cramped kitchens can be especially challenging when you’re trying to prepare meals with another person. Free up counter and drawer space with wall magnets. These are good for storing knives. Not only do you save space by getting rid of a knife block, but it’s also safer than storing knives in a drawer. Wall magnets free up your kitchen cabinets and home furniture by automatically creating space that you wouldn’t normally use for storage.

Room Style

Create the look of another room altogether thanks to different home furniture and flooring in a particular area. For instance, make a cafe-inspired space by attaching a shelf to a window and pulling up a couple of stools. Put down wood tiles or another contrasting floor for the rest of the space.

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Get Your Customized Home Furniture at Woodcraft Furniture

At Woodcraft Furniture, we provide real wood furniture to fit any area. We can customize home furniture by slightly modifying existing designs to fit any space. Our custom finishes match any decor. Come by one of our locations to see what we offer or contact us to request a bid.

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