Types of Real Wood Chairs for Your Home

Real wood chairs are sturdy, durable, and provide a touch of timeless charm to a room. Chairs can be part of a set or stand alone as an extra place for guests to sit when you have company. Woodcraft Furniture explains several different types of real wood chairs that look fantastic in your home.

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs normally come in sets of two or more. Even if you already have a full set for your dining room, add a few chairs for when you have guests and need more seats. Consider real wood chairs with curved seats and backs for comfort, or stained varieties that bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Feel free to lay down a cushion for extra padding.

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Side Chair

A side chair represents an extra seat for any room of your house. Place a side chair in an empty space or lonely corner when it’s not in use for easy storage. Real wood chairs can be stackable if you want a design that fits compactly into your space. Stackable chairs come in handy for when you need seats for extra guests.

Bar Stools

Bar stools are an elegant touch that work well for a kitchen counter or dedicated bar space. Real wood chairs for bar stools offer durable pieces that complement a magnificent wood bar or hardwood flooring. Try colorful bar stools that stand out from the rest of the room. Cushions come in handy here, again, for someone who wants to take a load off for a while.


Benches represent a versatile piece of furniture. Place one in a front entryway or mudroom for guests to remove or put on their shoes. A bench in a hallway or sunroom gives you a chance to relax. Kids love a bench as part of a formal dining room set. Real wood chairs offer a traditional way to expand seating while filling an ample space.

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Real Wood Chairs from Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture produces real wood chairs and custom furniture for any room of your house. Stop by one of our showrooms to see some of our work, or contact us to find out how we can elevate your home furniture.

Custom Wood Furniture and Ideas for Bookcases

Bookcases add an elegant touch to your home while providing a place to showcase your favorite tomes, artwork, photo frames, and decorative items. Custom wood furniture for bookcases creates a piece that fits into your room however you wish. Woodcraft Furniture discusses some fantastic ideas for bookcases as part of a custom wood furniture collection.

Floor to Ceiling

The most dramatic example of a bookcase is a floor-to-ceiling model that dominates a wall. These sturdy pieces of custom wood furniture have plenty of shelf space for books, as well as spots for decorative items and bookends. These types of bookcases need strong bases and anchoring to the wall for best results and safety. However, they are worthy additions to a living room, den, or library. 

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A hybrid bookcase means it also serves as another piece of furniture. The most common type comes as part of a headboard. Small nooks and crannies in this custom wood furniture keep your most riveting bestsellers handy when you read before nodding off to sleep. Bookcases on headboards are also great places for reading glasses, mobile devices, and an alarm clock. You might find a bookcase as part of a chair, end table, closet door, or coffee table.


A corner bookcase fits neatly in the corner of a room. The main idea here is to save space while providing a nifty way to display books. The back of this type of custom wood furniture comes to a triangular point to fit snugly. Measure the dimensions of the corner to see how a potential bookcase fits into the arrangement of doors, windows, or other pieces of furniture in the room. 

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Key Features

Account for some critical features of your bookcase when deciding on your final design. Adjustable shelves are always a great idea, especially for different sizes of books and decorative items. Consider anchors for the wall so your custom wood furniture doesn’t accidentally tip over. Subtle accents, such as molding on the top or bottom or curved pieces on the front, provide elegance and timeless beauty.

Custom Wood Furniture by Woodcraft Furniture

The expert craftspeople at Woodcraft Furniture build custom wood furniture to your exacting specifications thanks to more than 100 stains, paints, and glazes. We design and construct bookcases that fit your lifestyle, whether you want a small piece in an end table or a full-sized, floor-to-ceiling model. Contact us today or come by one of our showrooms to discover what we’re all about.

How Finishes Beautify Custom Wood Furniture

Custom wood furniture is a fine addition to any home, thanks to its sturdy material and gorgeous wood grain. Wood finishes enhance the overall look of a piece, depending on what kind of effect you’re attempting to achieve. Woodcraft Furniture discusses how various finishes turn custom wood furniture into items that fit anywhere into your home.


Paints for custom wood furniture come in a wide range of shades, from white and gray to red and blue. Manufacturers can mix a rainbow of colors into paints that match, complement, or contrast your current ensemble. A cheery red color stands out from beige walls or tan carpet. Grey complements other neutral shades, such as brown, navy blue, white, and black.

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Stains combine with lacquer or urethane to bring out the natural beauty of custom wood furniture while giving it a sheen that protects the wood. Stains come in very light hues to give a piece a hint of color. Mahogany or cherry stains turn wood a vibrant shade of brownish-red. Chocolate brown looks just like the shade of an ordinary candy bar.


Glazes add layers on top of paint or stain on custom wood furniture. Unlike paint or stain, a glaze takes longer to dry so furniture makers have more time to work with it. A glaze may lighten, darken, or alter the color beneath it while producing a gorgeous sheen. Like ordinary paint, manufacturers can tint a glaze to achieve any shade you wish for matching, contrasting, and complementing what you have on hand.

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Distressing on custom wood furniture happens thanks to two layers of color. The bottom layer of color absorbs into the bare wood. The top layer may contrast the bottom layer for the distressing to come through. A complementary or matching color downplays the distressed look. After the top coat dries, furniture makers use sandpaper to remove some of the color to achieve an aged or worn appearance. You get a brand-new piece of furniture that looks like it’s been in your family for generations.

Custom Wood Furniture from Woodcraft Furniture

The craftspeople at Woodcraft Furniture utilize more than 100 types of stains, paints, glazes, and distressing to achieve almost any effect you want for custom wood furniture. Stop by one of our showrooms to see beautiful dining sets, entertainment centers, and dressers. Or, contact us to see what furniture we can craft for your home.

How Real Wood Entertainment Centers Enhance a Room

Real wood entertainment centers add form and functionality to one wall of your room. This piece can be an understated cabinet not much larger than a coffee table, or you can encompass your entire wall with an entertainment center to store every digital media you have available. Woodcraft Furniture explains how real wood entertainment centers enhance a room beyond just creating a space for your television and gaming consoles.

Sturdy Construction

You want your furniture to last a long time while holding up to constant use. Real wood entertainment centers offer sturdy construction that lasts for decades when cared for properly. We use solid wood in our furniture and don’t take shortcuts. Our craftspeople know how to build durable items that can last a lifetime. You might have to get a new sofa or loveseat over time, but your entertainment center remains a regular part of your room.

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Homey Touches

Real wood entertainment centers add homey touches to your space. The right kind of stain brings out the natural beauty of the wood, and your room simply feels better as you bring a piece of the outdoors into your home. A handcrafted, custom-made piece creates a functional piece of art in the room. Wood also bespeaks a traditional material that gives your room a classic appeal.

Complementing a Hearth

In the winter, you activate your beautiful electric fireplace. It’s a small number, but it’s one that gives off a lot of heat when you want to enjoy your hearth room. It’s also there for decorative purposes. We can build real wood entertainment centers that work around an electric fireplace. The main structure of your entertainment center can go above and to either side of the hearth to create more storage space for your consoles and digital media.

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Complementary Colors

Real wood entertainment centers that last a lifetime should fit directly into your decorating scheme, whether you desire an off-white one to go with just about anything else in the room or a black one that complements your end tables. Woodcraft Furniture utilizes more than 100 stains, hues, effects, and glazes to give you whatever color you want.

A Cohesive Space

Choose a matching color for a real wood entertainment center to create a cohesive color scheme with your room’s furniture. Your reclining sofa and loveseat sectional is made of light brown leather. We have a color that could match it.

Real Wood Entertainment Centers from Woodcraft Furniture

Our craftspeople build real wood entertainment centers to last a lifetime. We can help you design one that fits perfectly into your room while allowing you to store everything you need. Come by one of our showrooms or contact us online to start the process of building a custom piece of furniture today.

Picking Colors for Real Wood Entertainment Centers

Real wood entertainment centers are both durable and beautiful. We can custom-make a piece at Woodcraft Furniture that matches your lifestyle and personality. Our craftspeople have more than 100 shades, glazes, stains, and effects to give you the exact look you want. In today’s blog, Woodcraft Furniture explains how to pick colors for real wood entertainment centers.


Contrasting colors for real wood entertainment centers have a different shade than the rest of the room’s furniture. For example, your coffee table and end tables are a dark shade of cherry that’s reddish-brown. To create an entirely different look, you opt for a light gray stain that matches up more closely with your couch. A contrasting look can draw the eye to the piece while making it stand out from other furniture.   

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Complementary hues on real wood entertainment centers don’t offer a precise match for the rest of your decor. However, they do complement other pieces by staying relatively close to the same shade family. Say you have a chocolate (dark brown) stain for your end tables. You decide to purchase an entertainment center with a light brown stain that’s a few shades brighter than the end tables.  


Neutral tones are classified as cool or warm. White, beige, tan, brown, gray, taupe, and black are all neutral colors. They are called such because every neutral color complements every other neutral color. If you’re into metallics, copper and bronze may also fall into a neutral category. Real wood entertainment centers from Woodcraft Furniture can come in any neutral color you want. Go for beige to complement your wall, or choose white to go with any other color in the room.  

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When you select a matching color for real wood entertainment centers, it indicates you want a cohesive look across your entire room. For example, you have hardwood floors and end tables that have a dark brown color. You need the exact same dark brown shade to maintain the matching color scheme throughout the room.

Over 100 Colors for Real Wood Entertainment Centers

Woodcraft Furniture supplies more than 100 choices when it comes to stains, shades, glazes, and effects for real wood entertainment centers. Visit one of our showrooms in Greater Cincinnati to talk about your options, or contact us online to see what we can do.

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