Items to Decorate a Solid Wood Entertainment Center

A solid wood entertainment center works perfectly  when you have a giant TV, surround sound speakers, and every gaming console on the planet. But did you know that your entertainment center also serves as a way to decorate the room? Rather than focus on practicality, think about the variety of decor that can fit into the smaller empty spaces of this kind of furniture. Today’s post from Woodcraft Furniture focuses on items to decorate a solid wood entertainment center.

Ship in a Bottle

Regardless of whether you have a nautical theme in the room, a ship in a bottle highlights beautiful artistry and a classic item. Not only do you look at the detailed ship in wonder, but the design of the boat is subtle. You seem to notice something different about the ship in a bottle every time you look at it. A wooden ship in a bottle blends right in with a solid wood entertainment center. 

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Small statuettes, particularly ones made of wood or that have earth tones, fit into a wide range of spaces on a solid wood entertainment center. Tall, narrow statuettes work well on the top shelf. Wide, short ones fit into shelves next to the TV. Classic forms from ancient Greece or Rome go well in a vintage-style room, while contemporary pieces are great for a modern touch.


Succulent plants bring life to your room. They don’t require a lot of water or sunlight, nor do they require a lot of space to thrive. Succulents in small pots fit into solid wood entertainment centers of all styles. Think of terra cotta colors in traditional flower pots with a red stain or dark color on the furniture.


A globe, like a ship in a bottle, represents a classic piece of decor. Depending on the space you have, small or large globes fit within a solid wood entertainment center. Brown and golden tones on a traditional globe augment brown stains on an entertainment center. Muted hues work best, but brightly colored globes stand out from the rest of the decor for a playful feel.  

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Wood Photo Frames

Wood photo frames bespeak a natural choice for enhancing a solid wood entertainment center. Family photos work best, of course, but pictures of fun family vacations, close friends, ancestors, and pets also belong here.

Solid Wood Entertainment Centers From Woodcraft Furniture

Stop by Woodcraft Furniture to find out more about how we can design your ideal solid wood entertainment center. Our expert craftspeople will make a beautiful piece of furniture that fits into your room and your lifestyle. See what we mean at a Woodcraft Furniture location near you.

House Styles to Complement Solid Wood Dining Room Sets

Solid wood dining room sets create a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests. Whether you’re eating dinner, playing board games, completing a jigsaw puzzle, or talking with a loved one over morning coffee, a dining room is a vital part of your home. Woodcraft Furniture explains various house styles that are perfect for solid wood dining room sets.


Contemporary homes are recently built using modern design choices. Think of open floor plans, attached dining nooks next to kitchens, neutral colors, and a patio adjacent to the kitchen for easy entertaining. Consider a solid wood dining room sets with thin legs. Put lightweight chairs around the table for smooth movement on a tiled floor. 

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Victorian homes offer classic beauty. High roofs, formal dining rooms, hardwood floors, large front porches, and tall windows all bespeak this style from the late 1800s and early 1900s. If you’re lucky, your home has a castle-like spire! A solid wood dining room set with large, thick legs fits perfectly into a Victorian house. Consider an oak harvest table and chairs designed with custom details.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod houses represent the quintessential American home. They offer two stories with the bedrooms upstairs and the common areas downstairs. Cape Cod homes provide comfort and practicality to get through rough winter weather. You’ll probably find a hearth room or fireplace in one of these homes. Go for a cozy solid wood dining room set here. Try thick cushions on the chairs and a wide table for everyone to spread out for family dinner each night. 

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Ranch or Farmhouse

Ranch or farmhouse styles create a family atmosphere. They usually have one story, many rooms for visiting guests and family, hardwood floors, and rustic decor. You may find a large dining room next to a huge kitchen for prepping and eating large meals together. Solid wood dining room sets for a ranch or farmhouse-style home may come with benches for children’s seating along one side. Think sturdy chairs with wide seats for sitting back and relaxing during a huge meal. 

Solid Wood Dining Room Sets by Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture can create a solid wood dining room set to complement your home’s architectural style or interior design. Our expert craftspeople collaborate with you to design the perfect dining room. Stop by one of our showrooms or contact Woodcraft Furniture to start the process.

Coordinating Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets With Your Decor

Your bedroom represents the inner sanctuary of your home. You want it to be cozy and inviting while appealing to your sense of style and comfort. Everything in your bedroom should help you relax and get a great night’s sleep. As such, the decor of your bedroom should coordinate well with your furniture. Today’s blog from Woodcraft Furniture talks about how to coordinate solid wood bedroom furniture sets with your decor to make a relaxing space.

Drapes and Window Treatments

You can easily match your drapes and window treatments with a solid wood bedroom furniture set. Earth tones, such as green, blue, and brown, can complement the finishes of hardwood furniture. Upholstery patterns such as flowers, leaves, stripes, paisleys, and dots all come in various earthy hues. Neutral tones, such as beige, gray, and navy blue, also coordinate with brown stains found on real wood furniture. Consider a valance along the top for something tasteful and delicate. 

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Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have blades made of plastic, metal, or wood. Consider a stain on your solid wood bedroom furniture set that matches the hue of your ceiling fan. You could also match a particular style. Perhaps your real wood furniture has a rustic theme. Feel free to get a rustic-style ceiling fan with distressing on it. Some ceiling fan blades look like palm leaves, and those match a tropical vibe for your bedroom furniture. Vintage-style ceiling fans may have Victorian sconces on them or industrial-style cages around the lights.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom offers plenty of design elements you can coordinate with solid wood bedroom sets. Purchase a vanity with a matching color or style. Bathroom towels may come in several shades of the same color to go with your bedroom set. For example, towels in tan, beige, yellow, fuchsia, and orange all accompany real wood furniture painted in a beautiful shade of brown. Navy blue, purple, and gold go well with the deep reds of stained cedar or cherry wood furniture. 

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Solid Wood Bedroom Sets From Woodcraft Furniture

Check out the wide selection of solid wood bedroom sets from Woodcraft Furniture. Our experts can design the bedroom of your dreams, and we have an eye for interior design. We can apply more than 100 finishes, effects, stains, or glazes to our furniture. Come by one of our showrooms today, and we’ll discuss your options.

Why Real Wood Furniture Is More Beautiful Than Imitations

Woodcraft Furniture understands there’s nothing like real wood furniture. We pride ourselves on fantastic craftsmanship, beautiful custom pieces for any room of your home, and excellent customer service. We’ve been in business since 1977, and we love that Cincinnati-area residents adore our furniture. In this blog post, Woodcraft Furniture explains how real wood furniture is more beautiful than imitations.

Natural Grain

Different types of hardwoods have various grain patterns that imitation wood or manufactured wood simply can’t replicate. A natural grain doesn’t have the exact same pattern on each board, and natural grain stands out when you add stains or paints to them. The wood grain, whether it’s straight or round, adds to the beauty of real wood furniture.

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Solid Construction

Manufactured wood is cheaper, but it doesn’t last nearly as long as real wood. Our real wood furniture designs from Woodcraft Furniture come from native hardwoods. Each piece is designed to last for decades, and our craftspeople put their hearts into their work. Woodcraft Furniture hopes your entertainment center, bookcase, dining room set, or bedroom set lasts long enough to be passed to your children and grandchildren.

Better Color Absorption

Real wood furniture can take on almost any color, finish, stain, glaze, or distressing. That’s why our craftspeople have more than 100 finishes on hand to complete your perfect piece. Manufactured wood typically has a layer of paper or cheap glaze on it. These low-quality treatments will peel off, scratch easily, and discolor as they age. Real wood resists scratches and shows off its colors much better.

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Flaws Add Character

Real wood has natural imperfections, such as knots and gnarls, that may interrupt the wood grain. This is less of a problem with high-quality wood, including those used by the manufacturers that work with Woodcraft Furniture. A prominent knot or gnarl is part of the natural beauty of real wood furniture.

Real Wood Furniture From Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture sells nothing but real wood furniture to our valued customers. Check out one of our showrooms in the Cincinnati area to see what we can do for you. Contact Woodcraft Furniture today when you want to design the furniture of your dreams.

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