Woodcraft Is Family

A few years ago we made the decision to close Sundays because Woodcraft is family. Family is important to us. We choose to provide authentic real wood home furnishings because we care about your family and we want the home furnishings to last and function. Additionally, we are driven and passionate about providing real wood home furnishings with beautiful custom finishing. Each of our locations has an on-site custom finish shop where we meticulously sand, hand apply vibrantly deep stains, and professionally spray protective lacquer. We have over one hundred stain and paint options with a variety of unique distressing, glazing, and antiquing techniques as well the ability to custom match. Since 1977, Woodcraft Furniture has been a small, family owned business and has been motivated by these same principles since the beginning.

Who is Woodcraft Furniture?



Chris has been working with Woodcraft since 1982. He loves to finish furniture and has developed and improved his skills over the last 40 years. He leads and manages the finishing operations at our main warehouse. Denise loves to learn about your home projects and how Woodcraft can be a part of them. Together they handle the administrative tasks that go with running a family owned, small business. About a decade ago, they adopted Shui from China. Outside of Woodcraft, Chris and Denise love teaching the kids in Kids Club @ Crossroads Church.



Troy is Chris and Denise's son and has been with Woodcraft since 2005. What started as a job for mom and dad developed into a passion for real wood home furnishings, custom finishing, and satisfying customers. Troy loves to apply his faith in God to how he oversees the team at Woodcraft and how that team serves its customers and communities. Troy's wife, Stephanie, is a nurse at Kettering Hospital. Stephanie and Troy have three kids - Eli, Theo, and Eden.

District Managers

Andrew (left) manages our Mason location and social media presence and has developed his knowledge of our real wood home furnishing offerings to ensure that we can connect our offerings with your visions for your home.

Logistics Coordinator

Amos manages our Dayton locations and coordinates the completion of our finishing projects with the delivery team schedule to work towards seamless operations that ensure we exceed your expectations. He and his wife, Dolores, just welcomed their first child into the world!

What makes Woodcraft unique?

A Wide Array of Options

We might not have the fanciest or best displayed showrooms, but we excel when it comes to the AMOUNT of options we show in our showrooms. Because we have so many different styles, wood types, and finishes we do our best to cram as many options in our showroom so you can dream up the best options for your family and your home!

Furniture Pick-up & Delivery

We partner with over 30 manufacturers of real wood furniture. Some of these are imported while others are made in the USA. In some cases, to save costs and keep our prices competitive, we send our own trucks and delivery crew to pick up furniture from our manufacturering partners. We use these same trucks and delivery personnel to offer a 5-star delivery service where we place the furniture in your space!

Custom Finishing Services

Ever since the beginning, 1977, we have offered custom finishing services to our real wood home furnishings. With over 100's of stains and paints and the ability to custom match, we love to create one of a kind pieces for you! Each piece is sealed with a cataylzed lacquer to create a beautiful luster that enhances the wood and protects it for years to come.

How should you CARE for your new real wood home furnishings?


For every day cleaning, use a damp soft cloth to wipe off and clean your furniture.  Be sure to leave the furniture dry and without moisture.  If residue from food or use remains on the furniture, then use the soft side of a sponge (not the scrubby side!) and mild soap like dawn to lightly scrub it off. No other polishes or cleaners should be used on your real wood furniture (especially ones with harsh chemicals or silicone). If you need to rejuvenate the finish of your furniture, we recommend the use of our Beeswax or our Heirloom Essentials Polish and Cleaner.


Carefully consider where your new furniture is located in your home. Avoid setting it directly in front of radiators, heating vents, or wood-burning stoves as dry air can cause wood to dry out and crack. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The ideal indoor humidity range for solid wood furniture is 35-45%. An uncontrolled environment causes expansion and contraction which leads to splitting of the grain pattern or joints and gaping where leaves fit into the table. These conditions should be appreciated as inherent characteristics of solid wood and should not be assumed to be a defect in materials or workmanship.


The finish on your furniture cannot withstand prolonged exposure to water or other liquids and cannot withstand extreme heat or anything with harsh chemicals in it. Sometimes dishes, vases, and other items have rough porcelain that can scratch the topcoat when sliding across the surface. Fine pressure points like pencils will indent the topcoat so it's always a best practice to have something hard as a buffer underneath your writing surface. Avoid chemically induced products like nail polish remover as the acetone in products like this will deteriorate the finish. Wipes with alcohol in them will have a similar effect. Do not use vinyl/plastic tablecloths or place mats. The chemicals used to keep vinyl/plastic tablecloths and place mats supple can often react with wood finishes.

Questions? We're here to help!

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