Coordinating Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets With Your Decor

Your bedroom represents the inner sanctuary of your home. You want it to be cozy and inviting while appealing to your sense of style and comfort. Everything in your bedroom should help you relax and get a great night’s sleep. As such, the decor of your bedroom should coordinate well with your furniture. Today’s blog from Woodcraft Furniture talks about how to coordinate solid wood bedroom furniture sets with your decor to make a relaxing space.

Drapes and Window Treatments

You can easily match your drapes and window treatments with a solid wood bedroom furniture set. Earth tones, such as green, blue, and brown, can complement the finishes of hardwood furniture. Upholstery patterns such as flowers, leaves, stripes, paisleys, and dots all come in various earthy hues. Neutral tones, such as beige, gray, and navy blue, also coordinate with brown stains found on real wood furniture. Consider a valance along the top for something tasteful and delicate. 

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Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have blades made of plastic, metal, or wood. Consider a stain on your solid wood bedroom furniture set that matches the hue of your ceiling fan. You could also match a particular style. Perhaps your real wood furniture has a rustic theme. Feel free to get a rustic-style ceiling fan with distressing on it. Some ceiling fan blades look like palm leaves, and those match a tropical vibe for your bedroom furniture. Vintage-style ceiling fans may have Victorian sconces on them or industrial-style cages around the lights.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom offers plenty of design elements you can coordinate with solid wood bedroom sets. Purchase a vanity with a matching color or style. Bathroom towels may come in several shades of the same color to go with your bedroom set. For example, towels in tan, beige, yellow, fuchsia, and orange all accompany real wood furniture painted in a beautiful shade of brown. Navy blue, purple, and gold go well with the deep reds of stained cedar or cherry wood furniture. 

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Solid Wood Bedroom Sets From Woodcraft Furniture

Check out the wide selection of solid wood bedroom sets from Woodcraft Furniture. Our experts can design the bedroom of your dreams, and we have an eye for interior design. We can apply more than 100 finishes, effects, stains, or glazes to our furniture. Come by one of our showrooms today, and we’ll discuss your options.

Design Elements of Bedroom Sets

Your bedroom serves as a sanctuary of peace, quiet, rejuvenation, and sleep. The furniture for your inner sanctum should make everything orderly, neat, and tidy. Bedroom sets of furniture are so much more than just a bed and a chest of drawers. Woodcraft Furniture shows you what other matching pieces go well in your bedroom.


Bedroom sets include twin nightstands, which are small tables on either side of the bed. They keep essential items on hand, such as glasses, cellphones, a book, or a glass of water. Nightstands are convenient and allow you to have a table lamp to see when it’s dark. Modern versions even come with their own charging ports for mobile devices. Nightstands are as tall as your mattress, so all you have to do is reach over and grab something.

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Armoire or Wardrobe

An armoire or wardrobe serves as a stand-alone storage area. It comes in handy if you have no closet or if you need extra space for items you have to hang that can’t get wrinkled or folded, such as dresses, slacks, or formal shirts. An armoire may have shelves for bedding, towels, and linens next to a taller space. Your armoire also adds a touch of class to your bedroom. Historically, armoires date back to 17th century France when people used them to store armor as part of their bedroom sets.

Headboard with Shelves

A headboard lets you stack pillows against it without worrying about the space in between your mattress and the wall. A sturdy headboard makes your nights more comfortable by helping you create your perfect arrangement of pillows. Headboards with shelves add convenience and an extra dimension to bedroom sets, as shelves offer a great place for books, an alarm clock, photos, and mementos. Shelves also create thickness and sturdiness for a headboard that lasts a lifetime.

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A bench at the foot of the bed offers a place to sit. The bench makes it easier to get ready for your day or take off your shoes after a long day at work. Benches were also traditional pieces of furniture for bedroom sets. Feel free to move the bench over to a vanity or make-up table for versatility. 

Match Everything with Custom Paint from Woodcraft Furniture

Bedroom sets should reflect your personality, but also be timeless and sturdy. Match your entire bedroom with custom paint from Woodcraft Furniture. We have more than 100 stains, shades, glazes, and effects to achieve whatever look you want with our high-quality wood furniture. Contact us today or come by one of our showrooms to see what we can do for you.

Selecting a New Bed

How to Choose the Best Bed for You

When you are shopping for new bedroom furniture, there are several factors you should take into account. Read on in today’s blog from the team at Woodcraft Furniture to find the perfect bed for you.

Beds and Mattresses Should Work Together

When you’re shopping for a new bed, always consider what type of mattress you’ll be using with it. Spring mattresses should be paired with spring beds, but slat beds usually use foam mattresses. Whenever possible, you should buy a new bed and a new mattress at the same time, because a new mattress on an old bed won’t last as long as it would on a new one.

Some newer mattresses do not use a boxspring, but instead require a platform design. Many of the beds at Woodcraft Furniture are equipped to handle these mattresses. We have a variety of traditional bed frames as well.

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Quality Construction for Durability and Comfort

Besides having a comfortable mattress, you need a bed with sturdy construction that can handle a long life of use. A good bed should measure up to the size, shape and specific needs of the sleeper. Whichever style of bed you choose to buy from Woodcraft Furniture, you can count on their sturdy construction.

Style Is Important Too

Because the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, it’s critical that you choose a style you and your partner like. If you want to create a warm, welcoming, comfortable feel, you may want to opt for a wooden bed, piled up with quilts and pillows to set a cozy mood. Those who prefer a sleek, modern look should choose a wood bed with clean, minimalist lines. Woodcraft Furniture offers a wide variety of bedroom furniture styles, so you can find the bed or bedroom set that’s just right for you.

Size Matters

Be sure you’ll have a reasonable amount of space around your bed once you place it in the bedroom. If you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom, a storage bed could be a great option.

Even if you usually sleep by yourself, that doesn’t mean that you should buy a small bed size. Some sleepers need or like a lot of space to feel comfortable, so consider investing in a larger bed. Woodcraft Furniture offers twin, full, queen, or king bed frames, as well as platform beds and storage beds.

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Choose a Bed Together

If you are going to be sharing a bed with someone, then both of you should be involved in selecting a bed you both like that will be big enough for you to share comfortably.

Get Your New Bed at Woodcraft Furniture

While there are a lot of material options when it comes to furniture, nothing can replace real wood pieces. We offer a broad selection because we work with over a dozen regional wood shops that use domestic hardwoods to create unique home furnishing pieces. Come by one of our locations to see what we offer or go online to view your choices. At Woodcraft Furniture, if you can dream it, we can build it!

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