Design Elements of Bedroom Sets

Your bedroom serves as a sanctuary of peace, quiet, rejuvenation, and sleep. The furniture for your inner sanctum should make everything orderly, neat, and tidy. Bedroom sets of furniture are so much more than just a bed and a chest of drawers. Woodcraft Furniture shows you what other matching pieces go well in your bedroom.


Bedroom sets include twin nightstands, which are small tables on either side of the bed. They keep essential items on hand, such as glasses, cellphones, a book, or a glass of water. Nightstands are convenient and allow you to have a table lamp to see when it’s dark. Modern versions even come with their own charging ports for mobile devices. Nightstands are as tall as your mattress, so all you have to do is reach over and grab something.

Armoire or Wardrobe

An armoire or wardrobe serves as a stand-alone storage area. It comes in handy if you have no closet or if you need extra space for items you have to hang that can’t get wrinkled or folded, such as dresses, slacks, or formal shirts. An armoire may have shelves for bedding, towels, and linens next to a taller space. Your armoire also adds a touch of class to your bedroom. Historically, armoires date back to 17th century France when people used them to store armor as part of their bedroom sets.

Headboard with Shelves

A headboard lets you stack pillows against it without worrying about the space in between your mattress and the wall. A sturdy headboard makes your nights more comfortable by helping you create your perfect arrangement of pillows. Headboards with shelves add convenience and an extra dimension to bedroom sets, as shelves offer a great place for books, an alarm clock, photos, and mementos. Shelves also create thickness and sturdiness for a headboard that lasts a lifetime.


A bench at the foot of the bed offers a place to sit. The bench makes it easier to get ready for your day or take off your shoes after a long day at work. Benches were also traditional pieces of furniture for bedroom sets. Feel free to move the bench over to a vanity or make-up table for versatility.

Match Everything with Custom Paint from Woodcraft Furniture

Bedroom sets should reflect your personality, but also be timeless and sturdy. Match your entire bedroom with custom paint from Woodcraft Furniture. We have more than 100 stains, shades, glazes, and effects to achieve whatever look you want with our high-quality wood furniture. Contact us today or come by one of our showrooms to see what we can do for you.

Design Elements of Bedroom Sets

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