Furniture to Match Dining Sets

Furniture to Match Dining Sets

A dining room offers you and your family a place to eat, relax, talk, learn, and play. Dining room furniture can be so much more than just a table and chairs. Make your room feel complete with some additions to your table and chairs, depending on how much space you have. Woodcraft Furniture explains some of the best furniture to match dining sets.

Hutch, China Cabinet, or Cupboard

A hutch, china cabinet, or cupboard stores your dinnerware. The upper part typically has display shelves that showcase your fine plates or bowls. Doors with glass both protect your items and let you see them. The lower section has pull-out drawers for silverware, while cabinets below the drawers have room for linens, placemats, and decorations. A hutch, china cabinet, or cupboard keeps everything you need to serve meals close by in terms of dining sets.

Buffet Table or Sideboard

A buffet table or sideboard is similar to a hutch except it has no upper storage areas. Rather than cabinets with shelves to display plates, a buffet is shorter and lets you place decorative items on top. Drawers and cabinets underneath the top level have storage for essential items. A buffet is handy in a dining set because it can go underneath a window if you don’t have a lot of space along other walls. Buffets also work well for serving meals to guests because you can put plates of food on the top surface.

Side Chairs or Bench

Expand your seating with a couple of side chairs or a bench for your dining set. Extra chairs optimize your seating arrangement if you entertain a lot, have guests over, or utilize an expandable leaf for your dining room table. Side chairs and bench are versatile in that you can move them to another room or onto a porch or patio if you need seating somewhere else. Consider stackable side chairs if you have space concerns.

Baker’s Rack

Store specific items on a baker’s rack in your dining set. Traditionally, a baker’s rack held space for hot pies to allow them to cool. Think about cakes, serving bowls filled with salads, trays with appetizers, or punch bowls that go well when entertaining many people. Feel free to put decorative items or artwork on your baker’s rack when not using it for entertaining or food. A baker’s rack may have small drawers in it for storing silverware.

Wine Rack or Liquor Cabinet

A wine rack or liquor cabinet conveniently stores bottles of wine and spirits nearby. Some wine racks offer refrigeration to keep bottles at the perfect temperature. Others store wine bottles sideways to optimize the space in the rack while having space for wine glasses. Liquor cabinets serve the same function but have a more open design inside the cabinet to store varying sizes of bottles. Combine the best of both worlds in your dining set with a wine rack that has cabinets on either side for bottles of spirits. Use the top counter of a wine rack or liquor cabinet to display a serving tray, decanter, and elegant stemware.

Custom-Made Dining Sets from Woodcraft Furniture

Talk to us at Woodcraft Furniture about custom making furniture that matches your dining set. Our master craftspeople use real wood and over 100 paints, stains, glazes, and distressing to turn your ideal piece of furniture into reality. Stop by one of our showrooms to see what we mean, or contact us to find out what we can create for you.

Furniture to Match Dining Sets

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