House Styles to Complement Solid Wood Dining Room Sets

House Styles to Complement Solid Wood Dining Room Sets

Solid wood dining room sets create a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests. Whether you’re eating dinner, playing board games, completing a jigsaw puzzle, or talking with a loved one over morning coffee, a dining room is a vital part of your home. Woodcraft Furniture explains various house styles that are perfect for solid wood dining room sets.


Contemporary homes are recently built using modern design choices. Think of open floor plans, attached dining nooks next to kitchens, neutral colors, and a patio adjacent to the kitchen for easy entertaining. Consider a solid wood dining room sets with thin legs. Put lightweight chairs around the table for smooth movement on a tiled floor.


Victorian homes offer classic beauty. High roofs, formal dining rooms, hardwood floors, large front porches, and tall windows all bespeak this style from the late 1800s and early 1900s. If you’re lucky, your home has a castle-like spire! A solid wood dining room set with large, thick legs fits perfectly into a Victorian house. Consider an oak harvest table and chairs designed with custom details.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod houses represent the quintessential American home. They offer two stories with the bedrooms upstairs and the common areas downstairs. Cape Cod homes provide comfort and practicality to get through rough winter weather. You’ll probably find a hearth room or fireplace in one of these homes. Go for a cozy solid wood dining room set here. Try thick cushions on the chairs and a wide table for everyone to spread out for family dinner each night.

Ranch or Farmhouse

Ranch or farmhouse styles create a family atmosphere. They usually have one story, many rooms for visiting guests and family, hardwood floors, and rustic decor. You may find a large dining room next to a huge kitchen for prepping and eating large meals together. Solid wood dining room sets for a ranch or farmhouse-style home may come with benches for children’s seating along one side. Think sturdy chairs with wide seats for sitting back and relaxing during a huge meal.

Solid Wood Dining Room Sets by Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture can create a solid wood dining room set to complement your home’s architectural style or interior design. Our expert craftspeople collaborate with you to design the perfect dining room. Stop by one of our showrooms or contact Woodcraft Furniture to start the process.

House Styles to Complement Solid Wood Dining Room Sets

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