Items to Decorate a Solid Wood Entertainment Center

A solid wood entertainment center works perfectly  when you have a giant TV, surround sound speakers, and every gaming console on the planet. But did you know that your entertainment center also serves as a way to decorate the room? Rather than focus on practicality, think about the variety of decor that can fit into the smaller empty spaces of this kind of furniture. Today’s post from Woodcraft Furniture focuses on items to decorate a solid wood entertainment center.

Ship in a Bottle

Regardless of whether you have a nautical theme in the room, a ship in a bottle highlights beautiful artistry and a classic item. Not only do you look at the detailed ship in wonder, but the design of the boat is subtle. You seem to notice something different about the ship in a bottle every time you look at it. A wooden ship in a bottle blends right in with a solid wood entertainment center. 

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Small statuettes, particularly ones made of wood or that have earth tones, fit into a wide range of spaces on a solid wood entertainment center. Tall, narrow statuettes work well on the top shelf. Wide, short ones fit into shelves next to the TV. Classic forms from ancient Greece or Rome go well in a vintage-style room, while contemporary pieces are great for a modern touch.


Succulent plants bring life to your room. They don’t require a lot of water or sunlight, nor do they require a lot of space to thrive. Succulents in small pots fit into solid wood entertainment centers of all styles. Think of terra cotta colors in traditional flower pots with a red stain or dark color on the furniture.


A globe, like a ship in a bottle, represents a classic piece of decor. Depending on the space you have, small or large globes fit within a solid wood entertainment center. Brown and golden tones on a traditional globe augment brown stains on an entertainment center. Muted hues work best, but brightly colored globes stand out from the rest of the decor for a playful feel.  

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Wood Photo Frames

Wood photo frames bespeak a natural choice for enhancing a solid wood entertainment center. Family photos work best, of course, but pictures of fun family vacations, close friends, ancestors, and pets also belong here.

Solid Wood Entertainment Centers From Woodcraft Furniture

Stop by Woodcraft Furniture to find out more about how we can design your ideal solid wood entertainment center. Our expert craftspeople will make a beautiful piece of furniture that fits into your room and your lifestyle. See what we mean at a Woodcraft Furniture location near you.

Woodcraft Furniture Explains the Best Woods for Entertainment Centers

Nothing says sturdy like real wood construction in an entertainment center, and the craftspeople at Woodcraft Furniture understand that. Your entertainment center must keep your electronics safe and secure, including the big screen TV, gaming consoles, and surround sound system. Woodcraft Furniture discusses the best types of wood for entertainment centers in today’s blog.


Birch is a hardwood used in many types of real wood furniture. Its straight grain also looks great as a top choice for hardwood flooring and kitchen cabinets. Woodcraft Furniture uses North American birch for sturdy entertainment centers that hold a lot of items or need extra durability. Birch’s natural grain takes well to many types of finishes.  

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Ash is a dense hardwood that works well for many types of real wood furniture, including entertainment centers. Furniture makers use ash for architectural millwork, tool handles, canoe paddles, doors, and cabinets. Woodcraft Furniture might consider ash for an entertainment center when you want an open grain with large swirls and circles. We also use ash for large units.


Hickory is, perhaps, the most common hardwood for real wood furniture. Hickory’s popularity comes from its density, sturdiness, and beauty. Hickory works well as hardwood flooring, and it’s an excellent wood for large entertainment centers. Design a floor-to-ceiling entertainment center to go against an entire wall from the craftspeople at Woodcraft Furniture.

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Poplar is lighter and less sturdy compared to birch, so much so that many people may think it’s a softwood instead of a hardwood. Poplar has a straight, uniform grain that creates a cohesive pattern when you put boards together correctly. Woodcraft Furniture may choose a poplar entertainment center for a smaller model when the natural grain isn’t as much of an aesthetic choice. 


Cherry is a gorgeous type of semi-hardwood used by the craftspeople at Woodcraft Furniture. Cherry has a fantastic grain that stands out. Stains take well to cherry, whether you want a dark, red, or light stain. This type of wood is excellent for any entertainment center, and it should last for decades to come.  

Real Wood Entertainment Centers From Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture works with several types of native hardwoods, grown right here in North America, for our real wood furniture. Come by one of our showrooms to see what we can do. Or contact Woodcraft Furniture to start the design process today.

How Real Wood Entertainment Centers Enhance a Room

Real wood entertainment centers add form and functionality to one wall of your room. This piece can be an understated cabinet not much larger than a coffee table, or you can encompass your entire wall with an entertainment center to store every digital media you have available. Woodcraft Furniture explains how real wood entertainment centers enhance a room beyond just creating a space for your television and gaming consoles.

Sturdy Construction

You want your furniture to last a long time while holding up to constant use. Real wood entertainment centers offer sturdy construction that lasts for decades when cared for properly. We use solid wood in our furniture and don’t take shortcuts. Our craftspeople know how to build durable items that can last a lifetime. You might have to get a new sofa or loveseat over time, but your entertainment center remains a regular part of your room.

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Homey Touches

Real wood entertainment centers add homey touches to your space. The right kind of stain brings out the natural beauty of the wood, and your room simply feels better as you bring a piece of the outdoors into your home. A handcrafted, custom-made piece creates a functional piece of art in the room. Wood also bespeaks a traditional material that gives your room a classic appeal.

Complementing a Hearth

In the winter, you activate your beautiful electric fireplace. It’s a small number, but it’s one that gives off a lot of heat when you want to enjoy your hearth room. It’s also there for decorative purposes. We can build real wood entertainment centers that work around an electric fireplace. The main structure of your entertainment center can go above and to either side of the hearth to create more storage space for your consoles and digital media.

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Complementary Colors

Real wood entertainment centers that last a lifetime should fit directly into your decorating scheme, whether you desire an off-white one to go with just about anything else in the room or a black one that complements your end tables. Woodcraft Furniture utilizes more than 100 stains, hues, effects, and glazes to give you whatever color you want.

A Cohesive Space

Choose a matching color for a real wood entertainment center to create a cohesive color scheme with your room’s furniture. Your reclining sofa and loveseat sectional is made of light brown leather. We have a color that could match it.

Real Wood Entertainment Centers from Woodcraft Furniture

Our craftspeople build real wood entertainment centers to last a lifetime. We can help you design one that fits perfectly into your room while allowing you to store everything you need. Come by one of our showrooms or contact us online to start the process of building a custom piece of furniture today.

Picking Colors for Real Wood Entertainment Centers

Real wood entertainment centers are both durable and beautiful. We can custom-make a piece at Woodcraft Furniture that matches your lifestyle and personality. Our craftspeople have more than 100 shades, glazes, stains, and effects to give you the exact look you want. In today’s blog, Woodcraft Furniture explains how to pick colors for real wood entertainment centers.


Contrasting colors for real wood entertainment centers have a different shade than the rest of the room’s furniture. For example, your coffee table and end tables are a dark shade of cherry that’s reddish-brown. To create an entirely different look, you opt for a light gray stain that matches up more closely with your couch. A contrasting look can draw the eye to the piece while making it stand out from other furniture.   

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Complementary hues on real wood entertainment centers don’t offer a precise match for the rest of your decor. However, they do complement other pieces by staying relatively close to the same shade family. Say you have a chocolate (dark brown) stain for your end tables. You decide to purchase an entertainment center with a light brown stain that’s a few shades brighter than the end tables.  


Neutral tones are classified as cool or warm. White, beige, tan, brown, gray, taupe, and black are all neutral colors. They are called such because every neutral color complements every other neutral color. If you’re into metallics, copper and bronze may also fall into a neutral category. Real wood entertainment centers from Woodcraft Furniture can come in any neutral color you want. Go for beige to complement your wall, or choose white to go with any other color in the room.  

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When you select a matching color for real wood entertainment centers, it indicates you want a cohesive look across your entire room. For example, you have hardwood floors and end tables that have a dark brown color. You need the exact same dark brown shade to maintain the matching color scheme throughout the room.

Over 100 Colors for Real Wood Entertainment Centers

Woodcraft Furniture supplies more than 100 choices when it comes to stains, shades, glazes, and effects for real wood entertainment centers. Visit one of our showrooms in Greater Cincinnati to talk about your options, or contact us online to see what we can do.

How to Choose the Perfect Entertainment Center

An entertainment center combines function and style. It also serves as the centerpiece of your den or home theater. The key to this type of furniture is how well it stores your essential items and equipment. Woodcraft Furniture explains how to choose the perfect entertainment center for your home.

TV Size

The size of your television is probably the most important factor going into your choice of an entertainment center. If you already have a TV, you need a piece of furniture that fits the current model. If you haven’t bought a TV yet, make sure it fits into your current home theater furniture. Make sure to leave room for expansion. If you have a 32-inch TV, ponder what you may purchase in the way of home electronics in five or 10 years. You might get a 60-inch model down the road. You can always put speakers or decorative items in any empty spaces next to a smaller TV.   


An entertainment center needs to hold a lot of weight from your TV, gaming consoles, DVDs, and maybe even some books. You also want your investment to last for decades. Look for durable wood construction that withstands the test of time, whether you stay in your current home for 50 years or move to a new place in a couple of years.

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Cable Management

Cable management is another consideration for an entertainment center. You need to be able to tell the difference between power cords, Ethernet cords, stereo cables, and HDMI cables. Cords should also have their own space behind the piece. Design a model with holes in the back for easier cable management in every slot with a back. Think of open spaces on the top for stereo equipment or consoles to obviate the need for holes drilled in the back.         

Plenty of Room

Leave plenty of room for future needs in your entertainment center. You may only have a small TV and one gaming console now. However, you might expand to a stereo system with surround-sound speakers, multiple gaming equipment, and a mega-super-large TV you receive as a holiday gift. Also, getting a larger item fills out the space in your room and allows for decorative items such as photo frames and artwork. Create a piece with plenty of cubby holes to store media, books, remotes, and smaller items.     


The color of your entertainment center may complement or contrast the overall decorating scheme of the room. The right stain color brings out the natural beauty of the wood, or distressing can complement your vintage-style decor. Woodcraft Furniture works with more than 100 finishes for all kinds of hardwood. Pick one that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic.

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Your Entertainment Center Awaits at Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture helps you design the perfect entertainment center. Our hardwood construction lasts a lifetime. Come and see what we’re talking about at one of our locations, or contact us to request a bid on a durable piece of home furniture.

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