Items to Decorate a Solid Wood Entertainment Center

Items to Decorate a Solid Wood Entertainment Center

A solid wood entertainment center works perfectly  when you have a giant TV, surround sound speakers, and every gaming console on the planet. But did you know that your entertainment center also serves as a way to decorate the room? Rather than focus on practicality, think about the variety of decor that can fit into the smaller empty spaces of this kind of furniture. Today’s post from Woodcraft Furniture focuses on items to decorate a solid wood entertainment center.

Ship in a Bottle

Regardless of whether you have a nautical theme in the room, a ship in a bottle highlights beautiful artistry and a classic item. Not only do you look at the detailed ship in wonder, but the design of the boat is subtle. You seem to notice something different about the ship in a bottle every time you look at it. A wooden ship in a bottle blends right in with a solid wood entertainment center.


Small statuettes, particularly ones made of wood or that have earth tones, fit into a wide range of spaces on a solid wood entertainment center. Tall, narrow statuettes work well on the top shelf. Wide, short ones fit into shelves next to the TV. Classic forms from ancient Greece or Rome go well in a vintage-style room, while contemporary pieces are great for a modern touch.


Succulent plants bring life to your room. They don’t require a lot of water or sunlight, nor do they require a lot of space to thrive. Succulents in small pots fit into solid wood entertainment centers of all styles. Think of terra cotta colors in traditional flower pots with a red stain or dark color on the furniture.


A globe, like a ship in a bottle, represents a classic piece of decor. Depending on the space you have, small or large globes fit within a solid wood entertainment center. Brown and golden tones on a traditional globe augment brown stains on an entertainment center. Muted hues work best, but brightly colored globes stand out from the rest of the decor for a playful feel.

Wood Photo Frames

Wood photo frames bespeak a natural choice for enhancing a solid wood entertainment center. Family photos work best, of course, but pictures of fun family vacations, close friends, ancestors, and pets also belong here.

Solid Wood Entertainment Centers From Woodcraft Furniture

Stop by Woodcraft Furniture to find out more about how we can design your ideal solid wood entertainment center. Our expert craftspeople will make a beautiful piece of furniture that fits into your room and your lifestyle. See what we mean at a Woodcraft Furniture location near you.

Items to Decorate a Solid Wood Entertainment Center

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