Picking Colors for Real Wood Entertainment Centers

Picking Colors for Real Wood Entertainment Centers

Real wood entertainment centers are both durable and beautiful. We can custom-make a piece at Woodcraft Furniture that matches your lifestyle and personality. Our craftspeople have more than 100 shades, glazes, stains, and effects to give you the exact look you want. In today’s blog, Woodcraft Furniture explains how to pick colors for real wood entertainment centers.


Contrasting colors for real wood entertainment centers have a different shade than the rest of the room’s furniture. For example, your coffee table and end tables are a dark shade of cherry that’s reddish-brown. To create an entirely different look, you opt for a light gray stain that matches up more closely with your couch. A contrasting look can draw the eye to the piece while making it stand out from other furniture.


Complementary hues on real wood entertainment centers don’t offer a precise match for the rest of your decor. However, they do complement other pieces by staying relatively close to the same shade family. Say you have a chocolate (dark brown) stain for your end tables. You decide to purchase an entertainment center with a light brown stain that’s a few shades brighter than the end tables.


Neutral tones are classified as cool or warm. White, beige, tan, brown, gray, taupe, and black are all neutral colors. They are called such because every neutral color complements every other neutral color. If you’re into metallics, copper and bronze may also fall into a neutral category. Real wood entertainment centers from Woodcraft Furniture can come in any neutral color you want. Go for beige to complement your wall, or choose white to go with any other color in the room.


When you select a matching color for real wood entertainment centers, it indicates you want a cohesive look across your entire room. For example, you have hardwood floors and end tables that have a dark brown color. You need the exact same dark brown shade to maintain the matching color scheme throughout the room.

Over 100 Colors for Real Wood Entertainment Centers

Woodcraft Furniture supplies more than 100 choices when it comes to stains, shades, glazes, and effects for real wood entertainment centers. Visit one of our showrooms in Greater Cincinnati to talk about your options, or contact us online to see what we can do.

Picking Colors for Real Wood Entertainment Centers

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