Creating the Perfect Kitchen Island

Creating the Perfect Kitchen Island

A kitchen island truly makes the most of your cooking area. An island adds shelf space and storage while improving the overall efficiency of your kitchen. You can also match the color of your island with your cabinetry already in place. Woodcraft Furniture discusses how to select the perfect kitchen island for your home.

Measure First

The first consideration for a kitchen island is how much space you have in the room. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends at least 42 inches of space for a work aisle in the kitchen, or 48 inches if you have more than one person cooking at a time. Measure 42 inches out from your existing countertops to get an idea of where your kitchen island sits. The island should also be as tall as your counters, or about 36 inches high. Make sure to match the counter of the island with your current countertops.

Add Utilities

Perhaps you want full-service kitchen island that includes a sink for washing/prepping food or a stovetop for cooking. This type of island requires extra space. You must allow for utilities coming out of the floor for water, electricity, or gas. Leave enough counter space around the sink or stove to put your food prep containers, plates, and cookware.

Store More

One beauty of a kitchen island is the added storage just like your cabinets. Include plenty of underneath storage, think of cabinets and drawers, to store utensils, cookware, small appliances, and other tools you want to keep nearby. Some islands have small refrigerators for storing cold drinks or wine bottles.

To Wheel or Not to Wheel

A kitchen island with caster wheels gets you mobile. Have a handle on one side for easy gripping as you wheel it along. Move the island back and forth to your formal dining room, living room, or patio to serve food to guests. A wheeled kitchen island is ideal for entertaining people regularly. Leave plenty of space to move the island down a hallway or through a doorway, so this kind of island should probably be narrower than most. Consider a fold-out section that expands your serving space out to one side or two, just like a folding table.

Provide Stools or Chairs

Your kitchen island may double as a stand-alone bar, depending on your kitchen’s configuration. Think about fitting two stools on one end of the island if you have space. This makes serving food or snacks easier, or it gives your family a chance to sit and relax after a long day while grabbing a quick bite.

Match the Color with Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture lets you match the color of your kitchen island with your existing cabinetry. We have more than 100 stains, glazes, paints, and distressing to achieve whatever effect you want. Contact us today or drop by one of our five stores to talk to one of our experts about what we can do for you.

Creating the Perfect Kitchen Island

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