Woodcraft Furniture: Accessories That Complement Real Wood Furniture

Real wood furniture looks fantastic in your home. It lasts a lifetime, creates a family heirloom, and goes with the rest of your room no matter what sense of style you adhere to. Woodcraft Furniture discusses beautiful accessories that complement real wood furniture in your home.


Chandeliers brighten the room and add an artistic touch to the ceiling. When paired with real wood furniture, they create a harmonious balance by having a contrasting or complementary hue and wood tone. For example, a real wood coffee table could be dark brown with a white or light brown chandelier. Go for a chocolate coffee table from Woodcraft Furniture with a dark brown chandelier for complementary colors.

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Live Plants

Live plants are great accessories for real wood furniture from Woodcraft Furniture. Woody shrubs fill in an empty corner, while potted flowering plants fit nicely onto a bookcase or entertainment center. Greenery complements wood stains, and flowers add splashes of color to the room in an easy, inexpensive, and flexible way.  


Table lamps and floor lamps brighten a specific spot in your room. They give you dimming options if you want just a little light for reading or as you watch TV. Consider a large coffee table in the middle of your room. A set of table lamps frame the coffee table when looking at the big picture of your living space. Pick a style that goes well with the real wood furniture in the room. If you find contrasting colors, a rug can bring the color scheme together.

Wood Carvings

Wood carvings are a natural accessory to real wood furniture from Woodcraft Furniture. Carvings go against the wall, on an end table, or stand alone on the floor depending on their size. Pick carvings based on your sense of style and the amount of space you have in the room. Much like plants, wood carvings can take up a large portion of your floor or a little nook on the end of a shelf. A gnarled carving would look great next to a perfectly stained entertainment center that has a beautifully patterned wood grain. 

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Real Wood Furniture From Woodcraft Furniture

When you want high-quality furniture for your home, head to Woodcraft Furniture to peruse our wide selection of real wood furniture. Design your own piece with the help of around a dozen manufacturers, more than 100 finishes, and your imagination. Contact Woodcraft Furniture today or stop by one of our showrooms in Greater Cincinnati. 

How Wood Stains Beautify Unfinished Wood Furniture

Wood furniture makes a great addition to your home because of its sturdiness, longevity, and natural beauty. At Woodcraft Furniture, we have more than 100 stains, paints, glazes, and distressing treatments to help your perfect piece of unfinished wood furniture come to life. Today’s blog from Woodcraft Furniture explains how wood stains beautify unfinished wood furniture like no other finish can.  

Enhances the Wood Grain 

Stain brings out the beauty of the natural wood grain because wood has natural porosity. The hue seeps into wood once our manufacturers brush it on. Stain, unlike some paints, isn’t completely opaque. Therefore, the wood grain comes through on unfinished wood furniture.

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Creates Layers

More porous parts of the wood might need multiple layers of stain. Putting more stain on wood creates contrasting color patterns within a single piece, in addition to making layers. Craftspeople finish off a stained piece with urethane to protect the color and prevent damage to wood. In this way, unfinished wood furniture lasts much longer with stain and urethane.

Showcases Colors

Stains come in many colors to enhance unfinished wood furniture. Consider a dark chocolate or mahogany hue to contrast lighter hues in your home. Cherry adds a dark red color for a classic touch. Light brown colors work well with neutral tones such as beige, navy blue, and black. 

Protects Your Furniture

Unfinished wood furniture needs protection from the elements, sunlight, spills, nicks, and dings. The stain seeps into wood to add color, but it also keeps the wood fibers from deteriorating. A layer of urethane or varnish makes the stain layer last a lifetime, helps prevent water damage, and keeps the original color intact because urethane, varnish, and shellac are completely clear. 

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Unfinished Wood Furniture From Woodcraft Furniture

Check out Woodcraft Furniture’s selection of fantastic wood furniture. We have more than 100 finishes, colors, glazes, distressing, and two-tone finishes to achieve the perfect look for your unfinished wood furniture. Contact Woodcraft Furniture today or come by one of our showrooms to see what we mean.  

Why We’re the Best Unfinished Furniture Store in Cincinnati

Woodcraft Furniture prides itself on being the top unfinished furniture store in Cincinnati. We didn’t get this reputation overnight — we earned it with fantastic customer service, quality products, and sturdy pieces that last a lifetime. Today’s blog from Woodcraft Furniture discusses why we’re the best unfinished furniture store in Cincinnati.

Plenty of Options

We have deep relationships with more than a dozen manufacturers in Ohio. All of them make fantastic real wood furniture for your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, kid’s room, and home office. Whether you want a bedroom set, hutch, entertainment center, desk, bunkbed, or crib, Woodcraft Furniture helps you design the furniture of your dreams as the top unfinished furniture store in Cincinnati.

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Large Showrooms

When you walk into one of our showrooms, you’ll see lots of furniture on display. There’s plenty of room to sit at a dining table, peruse our desks, and imagine how your TV would fit into our entertainment centers. Our friendly staff greets you and answers any questions you have as you walk through our unfinished furniture stores in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. 

Five Locations

Woodcraft Furniture has five locations to serve you as the best unfinished furniture store in Cincinnati. We’re locally and family-owned. Stop by our store in Beavercreek east of Dayton, Centerville on the south side of Dayton, Beechmont east of Cincinnati, downtown Harrison, and in Mason. Chances are good there’s a convenient location near you, which is one of the reasons why we’re the best unfinished furniture store in Cincinnati.  

Handcrafted, Unique Pieces

We specialize in real wood furniture for all the rooms in your house. We design and make custom furniture to your exact specifications. Need to seat 10 in your dining room? We design a dining room set with you. Want a California king bed stained in dark cherry? We can do that. How about a functional crib that matches your room’s light blue walls? Our staff helps with that, too. Great customer service and specially made pieces are part of our reputation as the perfect unfinished furniture store in Cincinnati.  

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Woodcraft: Your Unfinished Furniture Store in Cincinnati

Woodcraft Furniture has five locations to serve you. We’re the top unfinished furniture store in Cincinnati for plenty of reasons, including excellent customer service, plenty of options, beautiful finishes, and sturdy wood construction. Contact Woodcraft Furniture or stop by one of our showrooms today for more information.

Why Choose Woodcraft for Unfinished Furniture in Cincinnati

Woodcraft Furniture specializes in unfinished furniture. Cincinnati-area residents can come to any of our showrooms to see how we turn beautiful wood into individual works of art that fit into any room of the home. Today’s blog from Woodcraft Furniture answers why you should choose us for quality unfinished furniture in Cincinnati.


Woodcraft Furniture has been a family-owned business since 1977. We’ve grown to five stores since then, and we plan on serving southwestern Ohio for decades to come. We value our relationships with manufacturers and artisans, and our staff finds the best possible real wood furniture for you. No other store can claim to be experts in unfinished furniture in Cincinnati.

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Proficient Artisans

Our artisans know what it takes to make gorgeous real wood furniture. They start with the right type of domestic hardwood, such as hickory, oak, or cherry, and then transform the boards into a solid piece of furniture. Then they use the right finishes to turn the unfinished wood into a work of art that lasts a lifetime. The staff at Woodcraft can put you in touch with the ideal artisan to design an impeccable piece of unfinished furniture in Cincinnati.

Amish Furniture

We understand that Amish furniture bespeaks unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Some of our manufacturers work closely with Amish builders or use Amish-style techniques to construct unfinished furniture. Cincinnati residents can peruse the selection at our showrooms to see what splendid furniture looks like.

Over 100 Finishes

No one expects you to decorate your home with unfinished furniture. Cincinnati customers can choose from more than 100 finishes, glazes, stains, and effects for their real wood furniture. You dream it, and we finish it! Choose from colors that complement, match, contrast, or stand out from your existing furniture. We can do it all!

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Unfinished Furniture in Cincinnati From Woodcraft

There’s nothing like walking into one of our showrooms and smelling the beautiful aroma of wood. Browse the many selections at Woodcraft Furniture, peruse our options for finishes, and then talk to a salesperson about designing the furniture of your dreams. Contact Woodcraft Furniture for more details.

Why You Should Buy Amish Furniture in Cincinnati

Woodcraft Furniture is the best furniture store in the area when you want sturdy, long-lasting pieces that fit into your room’s overall design. Amish furniture in Cincinnati comes in all shapes and sizes because it’s custom made. Feel free to custom-design an entertainment center, dining room set, bedroom set, and kid’s furniture to fit your lifestyle. Quality wood furniture takes many types of finishes, stains, and distressing, for a fantastic look you can customize just the way you want. Woodcraft Furniture discusses why you should buy Amish furniture in Cincinnati in today’s blog. 

Local Economy

Your purchase of Amish furniture in Cincinnati supports the local economy. Woodcraft Furniture is a local, family-owned business. We work with local craftspeople and manufacturers in Ohio to create the perfect furniture for your home. When you spend money in our store, many of your dollars stay in the local economy to support your neighbors and community.

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Local Builders

Many of our manufacturers and craftspeople are from right here in Ohio. They get their hardwood from native trees in North America. We work closely with more than a dozen manufacturers who know how to make fantastic, custom pieces. Your investment supports local builders of Amish furniture in Cincinnati, and it keeps the Ohio economy strong.

Handcrafted Tradition

Amish furniture in Cincinnati doesn’t necessarily mean farmhouse or rustic designs. Our manufacturers create items in mid-century, contemporary, Victorian, and vintage styles. Woodcraft Furniture has more than 100 finishes, paints, distressing options, and glazes, so you can choose the perfect look for your real wood furniture.  

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Solidly Built

No matter the style or paint color, all types of Amish furniture in Cincinnati have one thing in common: every piece is solidly built with expert craftsmanship. Woodcraft Furniture only makes items out of native hardwoods. Our furniture lasts for generations, so you can give your heirloom furniture to your kids or grandkids. Your handcrafted hardwood furniture will become an integral part of your home.

Amish Furniture in Cincinnati From Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture has five locations to serve you, and each showroom highlights the best Amish furniture in Cincinnati. Come by and see what we’re all about. If you’re interested in having a custom piece of furniture for your home, contact Woodcraft Furniture for more information.

Real Wood Chairs for Your Patio or Deck

Real wood chairs aren’t just for your indoor space. Wooden chairs for your patio, deck, garden, or yard offer a spot to sit and enjoy the fresh air while sipping on a refreshing glass of lemonade or iced tea. Woodcraft Furniture explains several types of real wood chairs that belong on your patio or deck for lounging around on sunny days.

Adirondack Chair

Adirondack chairs are the most recognizable real wood chairs for the outdoors. These chairs have wide arms and distinctive wood slats that form the back and seat. Rather than four legs, an Adirondack has two front legs and angled back legs that gradually descend to the ground. Consider adjustable chairs for added comfort, and don’t forget a fluffy cushion for ultimate relaxation. 

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Lounge Chair

Lounge chairs allow you to stretch out your legs as if you’re laying down and sitting up at the same time. Pull up a side table next to you for drinks and snacks. Again, adjustability is the key to how lounge chairs work. Sliding the back up and down allows for customized settings depending on who sits in this type of real wood chair.

Folding Chair

Folding chairs are compact items that stow away easily. Real wood chairs like these are great for camping and outdoor vacations to the beach. An appropriate cushion gives you a bit of extra padding for comfort. Folding chairs usually forego arms for smoother operation, so they fit more readily into your vehicle.

Rocking Chair

Nothing says tradition like a classic rocking chair. These real wood chairs are at home on a front or back porch, right next to a side table for iced tea, snacks, and a book. Wooden rockers move readily to relax you as you gaze at a gorgeous sunset or wave at neighbors passing by. 

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Real Wood Chairs Made by Woodcraft Furniture

Real wood chairs from Woodcraft Furniture come in a wide range of colors, finishes, and distressing. Take a look at our collection in one of our showrooms throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Contact us if you want our craftspeople to custom-make a piece of furniture for your home.

Types of Real Wood Chairs for Your Home

Real wood chairs are sturdy, durable, and provide a touch of timeless charm to a room. Chairs can be part of a set or stand alone as an extra place for guests to sit when you have company. Woodcraft Furniture explains several different types of real wood chairs that look fantastic in your home.

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs normally come in sets of two or more. Even if you already have a full set for your dining room, add a few chairs for when you have guests and need more seats. Consider real wood chairs with curved seats and backs for comfort, or stained varieties that bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Feel free to lay down a cushion for extra padding.

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Side Chair

A side chair represents an extra seat for any room of your house. Place a side chair in an empty space or lonely corner when it’s not in use for easy storage. Real wood chairs can be stackable if you want a design that fits compactly into your space. Stackable chairs come in handy for when you need seats for extra guests.

Bar Stools

Bar stools are an elegant touch that work well for a kitchen counter or dedicated bar space. Real wood chairs for bar stools offer durable pieces that complement a magnificent wood bar or hardwood flooring. Try colorful bar stools that stand out from the rest of the room. Cushions come in handy here, again, for someone who wants to take a load off for a while.


Benches represent a versatile piece of furniture. Place one in a front entryway or mudroom for guests to remove or put on their shoes. A bench in a hallway or sunroom gives you a chance to relax. Kids love a bench as part of a formal dining room set. Real wood chairs offer a traditional way to expand seating while filling an ample space.

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Real Wood Chairs from Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture produces real wood chairs and custom furniture for any room of your house. Stop by one of our showrooms to see some of our work, or contact us to find out how we can elevate your home furniture.

Custom Wood Furniture and Ideas for Bookcases

Bookcases add an elegant touch to your home while providing a place to showcase your favorite tomes, artwork, photo frames, and decorative items. Custom wood furniture for bookcases creates a piece that fits into your room however you wish. Woodcraft Furniture discusses some fantastic ideas for bookcases as part of a custom wood furniture collection.

Floor to Ceiling

The most dramatic example of a bookcase is a floor-to-ceiling model that dominates a wall. These sturdy pieces of custom wood furniture have plenty of shelf space for books, as well as spots for decorative items and bookends. These types of bookcases need strong bases and anchoring to the wall for best results and safety. However, they are worthy additions to a living room, den, or library. 

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A hybrid bookcase means it also serves as another piece of furniture. The most common type comes as part of a headboard. Small nooks and crannies in this custom wood furniture keep your most riveting bestsellers handy when you read before nodding off to sleep. Bookcases on headboards are also great places for reading glasses, mobile devices, and an alarm clock. You might find a bookcase as part of a chair, end table, closet door, or coffee table.


A corner bookcase fits neatly in the corner of a room. The main idea here is to save space while providing a nifty way to display books. The back of this type of custom wood furniture comes to a triangular point to fit snugly. Measure the dimensions of the corner to see how a potential bookcase fits into the arrangement of doors, windows, or other pieces of furniture in the room. 

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Key Features

Account for some critical features of your bookcase when deciding on your final design. Adjustable shelves are always a great idea, especially for different sizes of books and decorative items. Consider anchors for the wall so your custom wood furniture doesn’t accidentally tip over. Subtle accents, such as molding on the top or bottom or curved pieces on the front, provide elegance and timeless beauty.

Custom Wood Furniture by Woodcraft Furniture

The expert craftspeople at Woodcraft Furniture build custom wood furniture to your exacting specifications thanks to more than 100 stains, paints, and glazes. We design and construct bookcases that fit your lifestyle, whether you want a small piece in an end table or a full-sized, floor-to-ceiling model. Contact us today or come by one of our showrooms to discover what we’re all about.

How Finishes Beautify Custom Wood Furniture

Custom wood furniture is a fine addition to any home, thanks to its sturdy material and gorgeous wood grain. Wood finishes enhance the overall look of a piece, depending on what kind of effect you’re attempting to achieve. Woodcraft Furniture discusses how various finishes turn custom wood furniture into items that fit anywhere into your home.


Paints for custom wood furniture come in a wide range of shades, from white and gray to red and blue. Manufacturers can mix a rainbow of colors into paints that match, complement, or contrast your current ensemble. A cheery red color stands out from beige walls or tan carpet. Grey complements other neutral shades, such as brown, navy blue, white, and black.

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Stains combine with lacquer or urethane to bring out the natural beauty of custom wood furniture while giving it a sheen that protects the wood. Stains come in very light hues to give a piece a hint of color. Mahogany or cherry stains turn wood a vibrant shade of brownish-red. Chocolate brown looks just like the shade of an ordinary candy bar.


Glazes add layers on top of paint or stain on custom wood furniture. Unlike paint or stain, a glaze takes longer to dry so furniture makers have more time to work with it. A glaze may lighten, darken, or alter the color beneath it while producing a gorgeous sheen. Like ordinary paint, manufacturers can tint a glaze to achieve any shade you wish for matching, contrasting, and complementing what you have on hand.

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Distressing on custom wood furniture happens thanks to two layers of color. The bottom layer of color absorbs into the bare wood. The top layer may contrast the bottom layer for the distressing to come through. A complementary or matching color downplays the distressed look. After the top coat dries, furniture makers use sandpaper to remove some of the color to achieve an aged or worn appearance. You get a brand-new piece of furniture that looks like it’s been in your family for generations.

Custom Wood Furniture from Woodcraft Furniture

The craftspeople at Woodcraft Furniture utilize more than 100 types of stains, paints, glazes, and distressing to achieve almost any effect you want for custom wood furniture. Stop by one of our showrooms to see beautiful dining sets, entertainment centers, and dressers. Or, contact us to see what furniture we can craft for your home.

Choosing Occasional Wood Furniture for Your Home

Occasional pieces of wood furniture include items you keep in a set without necessarily using them every day. For example, you use a living room chair daily as you relax and watch a TV show or movie. However, you probably only use a coffee table on the weekends when you entertain guests and serve food. In today’s blog post, Woodcraft Furniture explains how to choose occasional wood furniture for your home.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a relatively small piece of furniture, yet it plays a central role in your living room. You decorate it with books and family photos, and you might put a remote control or prop your feet on it every so often. Wood furniture should be an extension of your personality, and a coffee table is no different. Design one that fits into your space. Rectangular coffee tables are the most common. A round coffee table works well if you have children, and you want to prevent injuries from sharp corners.  

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End Tables

End tables can match a coffee table for a cohesive look. Feel free to mix things up by getting end tables that contrast other wood furniture or complement everything else with a neutral color. Decorate these tables with lamps, artwork, photo frames, or plants.

Console Table

A console table runs the length of your couch. This type of wood furniture goes behind the couch and serves as a border between the chair and any open space behind it. Console tables can have drawers for storing essential items. Think about putting lamps, artwork, photos, and decorative items on top of a console table to take full advantage of it.

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Hallway Table

Invest in a hallway table to fill out an empty space in your entryway. Hallway tables can be small, understated items with floor lamps on either side, or this kind of wood furniture can dominate the landscape of the room. A custom-made hallway table can counter the look of the wall, match the color of the front door, or stand apart with a completely different color than the rest of the space.

Wood Furniture at Woodcraft Furniture

Check out the wide selection of wood furniture at Woodcraft Furniture. We have several showrooms in the Greater Cincinnati area to serve you. Come on by to discuss your options, or contact us online to see what we can do for you.

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