5 Reasons Why Wood Furniture Is Eco-Friendly

Wood furniture is sturdy, beautiful, and versatile. It adds homely touches to any room, whether you want a custom-made entertainment center, floor-to-ceiling bookcase, or two matching end tables. Handmade furniture is all we do here at Woodcraft Furniture. In today’s blog, we explain five reasons why wood furniture is an eco-friendly choice for your home.

Renewable Material

Wood furniture comes from renewable material because trees grow and continually rebuild forest land. Rather than plastic or metal furniture produced by petroleum or mining, wooden pieces help sustain a renewable practice that doesn’t take resources from within the Earth. All it takes is planting trees to replace the ones cut down to make furniture.

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Wood furniture is durable. Some heirloom pieces are more than 100 years old and have been in families for generations. You can design and purchase a sturdy piece at Woodcraft Furniture. You could pass on that furniture to your kids or grandchildren several decades from now because we have full confidence that our workmanship lasts a lifetime if you take care of your furniture properly.


Wood is a reusable resource. If wood furniture breaks, expert craftspeople can reuse parts of the furniture for another piece. When an item is entirely unsalvageable, wood furniture can become wood chips. Wood chips turn into mulch for plants, pellets for stoves to use as heating fuel, or even decorative elements for outdoor landscaping projects.

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Carbon Sink

Trees absorb lots of carbon and keep carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Wood furniture actually can help reduce the effects of global warming. The British Woodworking Federation estimates that for every cubic meter (around a cubic yard) of wood that goes into construction materials, humans keep one ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Your purchase can help preserve our planet for future generations.  


Wood furniture is biodegradable when it becomes time to replace it with a newer or different piece. Wood chips can turn into compost in the soil, thereby adding nutrients to your garden and helping plants to grow. Byproducts of the process used to make boards go towards pellets or chipboard. Nothing goes to waste when it comes to producing the raw materials that go into sturdy wood furniture. You can also recycle it by turning it into wood chips.

Custom Wood Furniture from Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture specializes in custom-made pieces that withstand the test of time. Our craftspeople design items to your exacting standards and then give you a choice of more than 100 stains, shades, glazes, and effects to achieve the perfect look. Contact us today or visit one of our showrooms to see what we can create for you.

Living Room Furniture Pieces You Might Not Think Of

A living room represents the fun part of the house with cozy seating, an entertainment center for watching TV, and a coffee table for serving guests. Your living room furniture offers an opportunity to expand beyond just a few essential pieces. Woodcraft Furniture discusses some living room furniture pieces you might not think of when you want to add some items to the room’s overall design.


An ottoman is a fancy footrest or footstool. Historically, ottomans were made of upholstered fabric. Modern versions are often cushioned, thick, and have button tufting for an elegant look. Ottomans range from smaller versions to put in front of a chair or larger ones appropriate for setting trays of food on when entertaining guests. An ottoman may serve as a substitute for a coffee table for living room furniture.

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Console Table

A console table goes behind a couch. This kind of living room furniture is long, skinny, and tall so it fits into a narrow area and matches the height of your sofa’s back. This profile fits neatly between the couch and the wall, or it bridges the gap between the sofa and a walking area. A console table works well for creating a place to display artwork and photo frames or to keep remotes and mobile devices handy.

Wooden Rocking Chair

Add a bit of tradition and an heirloom piece to your living room furniture with a wooden rocking chair. A rocker glides effortlessly on a hardwood floor. Put it on a carpeted area, so the chair remains in one spot in your living room. Place a cushion on the seat to make the chair cozier and consider a throw blanket or folded-up quilt over the back for a splash of color.

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Corner Shelf

Pick out a corner shelf to fill a gap in your living room furniture. A corner shelf spruces up an empty part of the room and gives you a chance to decorate with knick-knacks, artwork, photos, and a small table lamp. Choose a shelf that goes from floor to ceiling or one that allows you to reach everything easily. A corner shelf has a triangular shape, so it fits neatly into the provided space. The shelves can be of any shape or size.

Book Shelf

A full-size bookshelf is for more than just books. Store digital media, composition notebooks, mementos, and display art to make this type of living room furniture stand out. A bookshelf also serves as a way to fill in space along a blank wall, whether you need one that’s skinny and tall or short and squat.  

Woodcraft Furniture Utilizes Over 100 Colors

Talk to the expert craftspeople at Woodcraft Furniture who can match your existing living room furniture or design an entire room for you. We have over 100 stains, paints, glazes, and distressing to meet your needs. Contact us today or stop by one of our five locations to see what we mean.

Making the Most of Home Furniture in Small Living Spaces

When you live in a small home or apartment, finding ways to make the most of your limited space can be a challenge. Your home furniture must fit neatly into your dwelling without making it look cluttered. Woodcraft Furniture has suggestions to make your living area more comfortable and spacious.

Storage Beds

When you want to maximize your space, storage beds are a great choice for home furniture. There is a lot of wasted space under traditional beds. Why not fill that empty space with storage drawers or boxes instead of it just becoming a refuge for dust bunnies? Think about linens, towels, blankets, and clothing.

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Light, Complementary Colors

Though you won’t actually be gaining any space, painting a small room a light color will make it appear bigger. If you want to use wallpaper, only use small patterns. Keep your room from becoming too “busy” by only using complementary colors that enhance the look of your home furniture. Choose a cohesive color scheme to make a calm vibe.


Adding reflective surfaces is the easiest way to open up a tiny space. Mirrors help small spaces feel bigger. If you have a room that feels too cramped, putting in a mirror is going to make a big difference. Use mirrors with interesting frames to liven up your wall. Large mirrors can create the illusion of a second room filled with home furniture.

Wall Magnets

Cramped kitchens can be especially challenging when you’re trying to prepare meals with another person. Free up counter and drawer space with wall magnets. These are good for storing knives. Not only do you save space by getting rid of a knife block, but it’s also safer than storing knives in a drawer. Wall magnets free up your kitchen cabinets and home furniture by automatically creating space that you wouldn’t normally use for storage.

Room Style

Create the look of another room altogether thanks to different home furniture and flooring in a particular area. For instance, make a cafe-inspired space by attaching a shelf to a window and pulling up a couple of stools. Put down wood tiles or another contrasting floor for the rest of the space.

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Get Your Customized Home Furniture at Woodcraft Furniture

At Woodcraft Furniture, we provide real wood furniture to fit any area. We can customize home furniture by slightly modifying existing designs to fit any space. Our custom finishes match any decor. Come by one of our locations to see what we offer or contact us to request a bid.

Home Office Furniture Essentials

Your home office requires a sturdy desk and file cabinets so you can optimize your work environment. However, you might not realize you need a few more pieces of furniture to complete the room’s design. Woodcraft Furniture explains some essential items for a home office to make this space totally yours.


Working in a home office shouldn’t be a struggle. A comfortable office chair is vital to your productivity. Without a proper chair, your body rebels against you with aches and pains. Consider a chair on wheels that moves around the desk area, and one that tilts and swivels so the chair conforms to your movements. Look for a piece that has plenty of cushioning and padding all the way around for ultimate comfort.

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Stands for Equipment

Not every piece of home office equipment fits onto your desk. A stand for your printer and fax machine might be in order. Store printer cartridges and reams of paper underneath the stand. The best stands have shelves or drawers below the top surface.


A modest bookcase offers a place to store manuals, guides, and three-ring binders for better organization in a home office. Feel free to add decorative pieces such as photo frames or small artwork. A bookcase allows you to de-clutter your desktop if things are getting out of hand. Three-ring binders let you empty some of your filing cabinets, thereby keeping your highest-priority documents within easy reach.

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Comfy Chair or Couch

Place a comfy chair or couch against the opposite wall of your home office. Not only does this spruce up the rest of the room, but it gives you a handy place to relax during an intense day. If you meet clients at home, a couch creates an inviting atmosphere. After the meeting, stretch out and lay back for a few minutes to reward yourself for a job well done. A couch also works perfectly for a power nap.

Discover Home Office Solutions at Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture creates custom-made home office furniture built to your specifications and color. Come by one of our locations to browse a selection of desks, filing cabinets, and writing tables, or contact us today to request a bid.

Design Considerations for Baby Cribs

Creating a nursery is one of the many things to plan for when you await the arrival of your little one. Your baby’s crib is the centerpiece of the room, and you want it to be both durable and practical. Woodcraft Furniture discusses some design considerations for baby cribs when shopping for your perfect nursery furniture.  


Baby cribs must be sturdy so they can endure years of daily use. Look for models with thick wooden rails and wide slats that keep your baby securely inside. The platform should hold a mattress of any thickness, whether you prefer a lightweight mattress or a thicker model that’s cushy and cozy. Woodcraft Furniture produces baby cribs made of solid hardwoods for durable models that last for several years and even become family heirlooms.   

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Adjustable Height

Modern manufacturers understand that baby cribs must adjust to your needs. Does the platform raise or lower? You might need to lower the mattress after a few months, so your baby doesn’t learn to climb out of the crib. Can you attach a changing table to the side of the crib? A compact changing table saves space in the nursery.           


Versatile baby cribs convert to three different modes. A traditional crib works perfectly for when your baby is a newborn up two years old. Convert the crib to a daybed for when your child gets older yet still needs three sides of support to keep from rolling off. The third mode, a toddler bed, comes in handy for children up to age 5 or so.

When you think of versatility, consider baby cribs on rollers. Sturdy casters let you wheel the crib to other parts of the nursery or into your bedroom if you need to keep your baby close by.

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Complementary Colors

Baby cribs can easily match the overall color scheme of your nursery. Woodcraft Furniture utilizes more than 100 stains and paints to achieve endless possibilities. Whether you want a calming blue, traditional brown or white, exciting pink, or verdant green, we can match what you want.

Check Out Customized Baby Cribs from Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture works with you to create your ideal nursery furniture, including baby cribs, rockers, and toddler-sized tables. Our hardwood furniture lasts a lifetime. See what we mean at one of our locations, or contact us to request a bid on a great-looking crib.

Custom Sizes and Finishes Available at Woodcraft Furniture

At Woodcraft Furniture, we provide real wood furniture to fit in with any area. We can customize pieces by slightly modifying existing designs to fit any space and we offer custom finishes to match any decor.

Custom Fit Wood Furniture

We work to get the items you want at the best prices. Whatever space, style, wood, or color you need, we can make it happen. Do you need furniture at an unusual height, width, or depth? We can make it. Trying to fit an awkward corner? We can help you make the most of that space.

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Custom Finish Wood Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture has been offering custom finishing for our real wood products since opening in 1977. You don’t have to settle for stock colors at Woodcraft. With over 100 paints and stains available and the ability to mix them, two-tone, glaze, antique, and distress, the possibilities are endless!

We can custom match an existing piece in your home or you can choose any other finish that strikes your fancy.

Contractors and Designers Assistants

We work with contractors and interior designers to create a piece to a client’s custom specifications. Save time and energy and let us do the custom work for you. We provide custom sizes and finishes at a good price. We can also provide unfinished pieces.

We commonly help with projects related to home offices, entertainment units, wall units, bookshelves, fireplaces, entryways, and much more.

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Get Your Customized Wood Furniture at Woodcraft Furniture

Let our custom experts help you get the perfect piece of wood furniture for your home. We are able to offer a wide variety of furniture because we work with over a dozen regional wood shops that use domestic hardwoods to create unique woodcraft furniture. Come by one of our locations to see what we offer or contact us to request a bid.

Create a Mudroom Space in Your Home

Ways to Create a Mudroom Space in Your Home

Many  American homes feature a mudroom. It’s an informal secondary entryway that functions as a place to remove and store jackets, footwear, and wet clothing before you enter the main house. Besides providing storage space, a mudroom serves to increase the cleanliness of the rest of the house.

Even if you don’t have a designated mudroom, you can create your own mudroom-like space with mudroom furniture from Woodcraft Furniture. We offer a wide selection of styles, wood types, and finishes.

An Efficient Space to Keep Your Home Organized

An organized mudroom area helps put some order to all the clutter of day-to-day life. It offers convenient storage for items like backpacks, gloves, shoes and hats, and it offers a seat for putting on or taking off shoes. It also provides a handy catchall storage space that keeps the house from becoming cluttered.

Read on for helpful ideas to design a mudroom for small spaces, laundry rooms, hallways, and more.

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Mudrooms Can Be Located in Small Spaces

Ideally, your mudroom should be at least 5 feet wide. This allows space for a standard hallway (3 feet wide) and a spacious bench and/or row of cabinets or lockers (2 feet wide).

If space is limited, a good size for a small mudroom is 4 feet wide. You can even turn a hallway into a mudroom space with a handy locker from Woodcraft Furniture.

Make Your Mudroom a Focal Point

If you don’t have a separate entryway large enough for a mudroom space, a well-built mudroom locker can be beautiful enough to grace your family room, dining room, living room, or wherever you have the space. And the bench can serve as additional seating in the room.

If your mudroom space is in a main living area or visible from living spaces, you should use containers to corral the shoes and other random items. You can use totes, baskets and bins to hide clutter.

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Add a Mudroom in Your Laundry Room

Your mudroom space doesn’t have to be huge. A corner of the utility or laundry room can perfectly functional for storing everyday items like bags and footwear. A truly organized home has the right storage solutions for all of your everyday items, and your mudroom is a great place to begin.

Blend Your Mudroom With Your Kitchen

You can pair one of our lockers with your kitchen cabinetry to create a mudroom space in your kitchen. The helpful staff at Woodcraft Furniture can even match the finish of your existing kitchen cabinets to make the area look like it’s always been there.

A mudroom near the kitchen can also double as a pantry for extra grocery goods. Use open shelving areas to make pantry goods easy to find. Incorporate a movable bench to keep even top-shelf storage within reach.

Contact Woodcraft Furniture to Build Your Mudroom

The friendly staff at Woodcraft Furniture are ready to help you construct your mudroom. We offer a wide selection of mudroom lockers because we work with over a dozen regional wood shops that use domestic hardwoods to create the perfect piece for your home. Go online to view your choices or come by one of our locations to view our selection.

The Most Important Pieces of Kid’s Furniture

The Most Important Pieces of Kid’s Furniture for Your Home

If you have young children or you have children on the way, finding the right furniture for their room and your home will be important. When it comes to kid’s furniture, there are more factors to consider than most other pieces of furniture, such as safety and versatility. Woodcraft Furniture offers a variety of kid’s furniture options, and today we want to help you choose the perfect pieces.


Nothing is more quintessential when it comes to kid’s furniture than the crib. If you are a new parent or have a child on the way, the crib will be the most important piece of furniture that you will buy for your child. You want a crib that will keep your child safe and secure while also being comfortable and durable. In an ideal world, you will choose a crib that turns into a toddlers bed and ultimately a full-size bed, like the Heirloom 3-in-1 Crib from Woodcraft Furniture.

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While the crib might be the staple of a young child’s bedroom, the rocker might be the parent’s best friend. Without a rocker, it can be difficult to get your child to sleep, which can disrupt your sleep schedule. Nobody has to tell you that having a child can disrupt your sleep schedule, but having a quality rocker like the Parawood Kid’s Rocker can make a world of difference.

High Chairs

While this is the only piece of kid’s furniture in this post that won’t be stationed in your child’s bedroom, a strong high chair is one of the more important pieces for your child. The right high chair will not only make your life easier, but it will also keep your child safe and comfortable while you are able to continue with your daily tasks. Woodcraft’s Solid Oak Child’s High Chair is a customizable chair that is perfect for any family.  

Bunk Beds

If you have a growing family, you will need to find furniture solutions that are right for your home as your kids get older. Bunk beds are a classic solution for families that either don’t have a lot of space or want their children to share a room. At Woodcraft Furniture, we have multiple bunk bed models that are perfect for any home, including our Solid Pine Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed.

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Contact Woodcraft Furniture For Kid’s Furniture Solutions

If you are looking for the perfect kid’s furniture for your home, Woodcraft Furniture has what you need. For more information on what we offer, get in touch with us online today for more information.

Five Perfect Furniture Pieces for Your Home Office

Five Perfect Pieces of Furniture for Your Home Office

If you work from home with any regularity, you know just how important having the right office space is. Without the right furniture for your home office, it can be difficult to stay focused and be effective. At Woodcraft Furniture, we want to make sure that you have all the necessary furniture to create an excellent home office environment. In today’s post, we’ll look at five perfect pieces for your home office that are available at Woodcraft Furniture.

1. Royal Mission Writing Desk

Not all home offices are created equal, and for that reason not all home offices will need the same furniture. While many offices will need a large lavish desk with lots of storage space, some people just need a stylish and functional desk to write on. When it comes to writing desks, there are few better than the Royal Mission Writing Desk offered at Woodcraft Furniture. Featuring two small shelves and room for a computer, the Royal Mission Writing Desk is the perfect choice for a simple, inspired writing space.

2. Country Lane Two Drawer File

Another important aspect of a quality home office is storage. Without the right storage solutions, it can be difficult to keep your home office space clean and your work organized. If you need a storage solution that isn’t too bulky, our Country Lane Two Drawer File is a perfect option. This piece is available in pine or rustic cherry, with many different colors to choose from.

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3. McKenzie Executive Desk

If you need a bigger, more robust desk option, an executive desk gives you the space and storage that you are looking for. At Woodcraft Furniture, we offer several executive desks, including the McKenzie Executive Desk which is a sleek, modern option for your home office. With a keyboard drawer and a solid alder finished back, this desk will be a beautiful addition to any office space.

4. American Heartland Oak File Cabinets

While most home offices require only basic storage options, some people do the majority of their work from home and need a more comprehensive storage strategy. Our American Heartland Oak File Cabinets give you an expandable storage solution for your home office that is both customizable and lockable.

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5. Savannah Desk and Hutch

Customizing and furnishing a home office can be fairly easy if you have the right space. However, students know that furnishing a dorm room or small room for their school work can be a more trying task. The Savannah Desk and Hutch from Woodcraft Furniture is a perfect solution, giving students much-needed storage and workspace without taking up too much of their living area.

Contact Woodcraft Furniture For More Home Office Options

If you are looking to revamp the furnishings in your home office, get in touch with us online today for more information.

Three Reasons Why Real Wood Furniture is Better

Three Reasons Why Real Wood Furniture is Your Best Option

As you look for the right piece of furniture for your home or office, it’s important to know what material you are looking for. Specifically, with wood furniture, it’s essential to decide whether you want real wood furniture or veneer furniture. In today’s blog post, Woodcraft Furniture will look at three reasons why real wood furniture is better than the other options.

1. Better Aesthetics

The most notable benefit of real wood furniture is that it simply looks better than the other options. From Oak to Cherry to Walnut, nothing is more classic and beautiful than real hardwood furniture. If you are looking for a piece that will be a beautiful addition to whatever room you are putting it in, you can’t go wrong with real wood additions.

Another benefit is that real wood pieces go well with everything. It can be difficult to match laminate, veneer, or even metal and plastic furniture in each room because you have to worry about color and texture. With real wood furniture, you don’t have to worry about that.

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2. Better Construction

While aesthetics are important, the look of your furniture is only as good as the quality of the piece itself. In other words, if you have a beautiful piece of furniture that falls apart after just a few weeks or months, was it really worth it? Real wood furniture is much more durable than artificial furniture pieces. With a real wood piece, you can be sure that it will hold up to daily use for years to come.

3. Better Value

If you combine the stylish aesthetics and strong construction of real wood furniture, you get a piece of furniture that holds its value much longer than comparable pieces. While each piece of furniture you buy is destined for your home or your office, each piece of real wood furniture, if properly cared for, can increase in value over time. When you buy real wood pieces, you not only have a high-quality piece for right now, but you can also restore it and increase its value for the future.

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Contact Woodcraft Furniture For Real Wood Furniture

While there are a lot of material options when it comes to furniture, nothing can replace real wood pieces. For more information on the furniture offered at Woodcraft Furniture, you can contact us online today.

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