Why Real Wood Furniture Is More Beautiful Than Imitations

Woodcraft Furniture understands there’s nothing like real wood furniture. We pride ourselves on fantastic craftsmanship, beautiful custom pieces for any room of your home, and excellent customer service. We’ve been in business since 1977, and we love that Cincinnati-area residents adore our furniture. In this blog post, Woodcraft Furniture explains how real wood furniture is more beautiful than imitations.

Natural Grain

Different types of hardwoods have various grain patterns that imitation wood or manufactured wood simply can’t replicate. A natural grain doesn’t have the exact same pattern on each board, and natural grain stands out when you add stains or paints to them. The wood grain, whether it’s straight or round, adds to the beauty of real wood furniture.

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Solid Construction

Manufactured wood is cheaper, but it doesn’t last nearly as long as real wood. Our real wood furniture designs from Woodcraft Furniture come from native hardwoods. Each piece is designed to last for decades, and our craftspeople put their hearts into their work. Woodcraft Furniture hopes your entertainment center, bookcase, dining room set, or bedroom set lasts long enough to be passed to your children and grandchildren.

Better Color Absorption

Real wood furniture can take on almost any color, finish, stain, glaze, or distressing. That’s why our craftspeople have more than 100 finishes on hand to complete your perfect piece. Manufactured wood typically has a layer of paper or cheap glaze on it. These low-quality treatments will peel off, scratch easily, and discolor as they age. Real wood resists scratches and shows off its colors much better.

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Flaws Add Character

Real wood has natural imperfections, such as knots and gnarls, that may interrupt the wood grain. This is less of a problem with high-quality wood, including those used by the manufacturers that work with Woodcraft Furniture. A prominent knot or gnarl is part of the natural beauty of real wood furniture.

Real Wood Furniture From Woodcraft Furniture

Woodcraft Furniture sells nothing but real wood furniture to our valued customers. Check out one of our showrooms in the Cincinnati area to see what we can do for you. Contact Woodcraft Furniture today when you want to design the furniture of your dreams.

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