Coordinating Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets With Your Decor

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Set

Your bedroom represents the inner sanctuary of your home. You want it to be cozy and inviting while appealing to your sense of style and comfort. Everything in your bedroom should help you relax and get a great night’s sleep. As such, the decor of your bedroom should coordinate well with your furniture. Today’s blog from Woodcraft Furniture talks about how to coordinate solid wood bedroom furniture sets with your decor to make a relaxing space.

Drapes and Window Treatments

You can easily match your drapes and window treatments with a solid wood bedroom furniture set. Earth tones, such as green, blue, and brown, can complement the finishes of hardwood furniture. Upholstery patterns such as flowers, leaves, stripes, paisleys, and dots all come in various earthy hues. Neutral tones, such as beige, gray, and navy blue, also coordinate with brown stains found on real wood furniture. Consider a valance along the top for something tasteful and delicate. 

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Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have blades made of plastic, metal, or wood. Consider a stain on your solid wood bedroom furniture set that matches the hue of your ceiling fan. You could also match a particular style. Perhaps your real wood furniture has a rustic theme. Feel free to get a rustic-style ceiling fan with distressing on it. Some ceiling fan blades look like palm leaves, and those match a tropical vibe for your bedroom furniture. Vintage-style ceiling fans may have Victorian sconces on them or industrial-style cages around the lights.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom offers plenty of design elements you can coordinate with solid wood bedroom sets. Purchase a vanity with a matching color or style. Bathroom towels may come in several shades of the same color to go with your bedroom set. For example, towels in tan, beige, yellow, fuchsia, and orange all accompany real wood furniture painted in a beautiful shade of brown. Navy blue, purple, and gold go well with the deep reds of stained cedar or cherry wood furniture. 

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Solid Wood Bedroom Sets From Woodcraft Furniture

Check out the wide selection of solid wood bedroom sets from Woodcraft Furniture. Our experts can design the bedroom of your dreams, and we have an eye for interior design. We can apply more than 100 finishes, effects, stains, or glazes to our furniture. Come by one of our showrooms today, and we’ll discuss your options.

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