Real Wood Dining Sets

Factory Finished Solid Wood Dining

These collections are quality crafted, solid wood sets but available in limited color options to create a more cost effective price point. Streamlining these collections allows for increased production compared to custom sets but still offers the quality of solid wood with a protective lacquer finish.

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Custom Finished Solid Wood Dining

These collections are quality crafted, solid wood sets with some items being imported and constructed from solid parawood (a tropical hardwood comparable to oak) or many items are USA made and available in solid brown maple, red oak, or rustic cherry. Quality solid wood dining that is custom finished by us in the color of your choice. With over 100 stains and paints, two-tone options, and custom matching options you can create a unique one of a kind dining set for your family to enjoy for decades. Our cataylzed lacquer finish holds up to every day use. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Our dining sets are all solid wood! We don’t provide selections with veneers, particle board, or MDF. Our manufacturers use a variety of hardwoods to create long-lasting and naturally beautiful wood dining sets

Our dining sets are made from a variety of different wood types. Our import lines use solid parawood (a tropical hardwood comparable to oak in hardness). Our domestic lines use woods like brown maple, red oak, rustic cherry, and more. These hard woods are perfect for creating a dining set that’s meant to last.

Our custom dining sets are built to order so you can get exactly what you want in the exact color (or colors) you want. Because of this, the lead times for a custom dining set could range from 12-18 weeks. We do have in stock options available and we have pre-finished sets that arrive much quicker.

Our finish is a high quality cataylzed lacquer that holds up well in every day use. It repels water and other spills to increase the longevity of the real wood and to keep the finish of your set vibrant and beautiful.

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