Making the Most of Home Furniture in Small Living Spaces

Home Furniture Including Storage Bed

When you live in a small home or apartment, finding ways to make the most of your limited space can be a challenge. Your home furniture must fit neatly into your dwelling without making it look cluttered. Woodcraft Furniture has suggestions to make your living area more comfortable and spacious.

Storage Beds

When you want to maximize your space, storage beds are a great choice for home furniture. There is a lot of wasted space under traditional beds. Why not fill that empty space with storage drawers or boxes instead of it just becoming a refuge for dust bunnies? Think about linens, towels, blankets, and clothing.

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Light, Complementary Colors

Though you won’t actually be gaining any space, painting a small room a light color will make it appear bigger. If you want to use wallpaper, only use small patterns. Keep your room from becoming too “busy” by only using complementary colors that enhance the look of your home furniture. Choose a cohesive color scheme to make a calm vibe.


Adding reflective surfaces is the easiest way to open up a tiny space. Mirrors help small spaces feel bigger. If you have a room that feels too cramped, putting in a mirror is going to make a big difference. Use mirrors with interesting frames to liven up your wall. Large mirrors can create the illusion of a second room filled with home furniture.

Wall Magnets

Cramped kitchens can be especially challenging when you’re trying to prepare meals with another person. Free up counter and drawer space with wall magnets. These are good for storing knives. Not only do you save space by getting rid of a knife block, but it’s also safer than storing knives in a drawer. Wall magnets free up your kitchen cabinets and home furniture by automatically creating space that you wouldn’t normally use for storage.

Room Style

Create the look of another room altogether thanks to different home furniture and flooring in a particular area. For instance, make a cafe-inspired space by attaching a shelf to a window and pulling up a couple of stools. Put down wood tiles or another contrasting floor for the rest of the space.

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Get Your Customized Home Furniture at Woodcraft Furniture

At Woodcraft Furniture, we provide real wood furniture to fit any area. We can customize home furniture by slightly modifying existing designs to fit any space. Our custom finishes match any decor. Come by one of our locations to see what we offer or contact us to request a bid.

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