Design Considerations for Baby Cribs

Creating a nursery is one of the many things to plan for when you await the arrival of your little one. Your baby’s crib is the centerpiece of the room, and you want it to be both durable and practical. Woodcraft Furniture discusses some design considerations for baby cribs when shopping for your perfect nursery furniture.  


Baby cribs must be sturdy so they can endure years of daily use. Look for models with thick wooden rails and wide slats that keep your baby securely inside. The platform should hold a mattress of any thickness, whether you prefer a lightweight mattress or a thicker model that’s cushy and cozy. Woodcraft Furniture produces baby cribs made of solid hardwoods for durable models that last for several years and even become family heirlooms.   

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Adjustable Height

Modern manufacturers understand that baby cribs must adjust to your needs. Does the platform raise or lower? You might need to lower the mattress after a few months, so your baby doesn’t learn to climb out of the crib. Can you attach a changing table to the side of the crib? A compact changing table saves space in the nursery.           


Versatile baby cribs convert to three different modes. A traditional crib works perfectly for when your baby is a newborn up two years old. Convert the crib to a daybed for when your child gets older yet still needs three sides of support to keep from rolling off. The third mode, a toddler bed, comes in handy for children up to age 5 or so.

When you think of versatility, consider baby cribs on rollers. Sturdy casters let you wheel the crib to other parts of the nursery or into your bedroom if you need to keep your baby close by.

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Complementary Colors

Baby cribs can easily match the overall color scheme of your nursery. Woodcraft Furniture utilizes more than 100 stains and paints to achieve endless possibilities. Whether you want a calming blue, traditional brown or white, exciting pink, or verdant green, we can match what you want.

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Woodcraft Furniture works with you to create your ideal nursery furniture, including baby cribs, rockers, and toddler-sized tables. Our hardwood furniture lasts a lifetime. See what we mean at one of our locations, or contact us to request a bid on a great-looking crib.

The Most Important Pieces of Kid’s Furniture

The Most Important Pieces of Kid’s Furniture for Your Home

If you have young children or you have children on the way, finding the right furniture for their room and your home will be important. When it comes to kid’s furniture, there are more factors to consider than most other pieces of furniture, such as safety and versatility. Woodcraft Furniture offers a variety of kid’s furniture options, and today we want to help you choose the perfect pieces.


Nothing is more quintessential when it comes to kid’s furniture than the crib. If you are a new parent or have a child on the way, the crib will be the most important piece of furniture that you will buy for your child. You want a crib that will keep your child safe and secure while also being comfortable and durable. In an ideal world, you will choose a crib that turns into a toddlers bed and ultimately a full-size bed, like the Heirloom 3-in-1 Crib from Woodcraft Furniture.

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While the crib might be the staple of a young child’s bedroom, the rocker might be the parent’s best friend. Without a rocker, it can be difficult to get your child to sleep, which can disrupt your sleep schedule. Nobody has to tell you that having a child can disrupt your sleep schedule, but having a quality rocker like the Parawood Kid’s Rocker can make a world of difference.

High Chairs

While this is the only piece of kid’s furniture in this post that won’t be stationed in your child’s bedroom, a strong high chair is one of the more important pieces for your child. The right high chair will not only make your life easier, but it will also keep your child safe and comfortable while you are able to continue with your daily tasks. Woodcraft’s Solid Oak Child’s High Chair is a customizable chair that is perfect for any family.  

Bunk Beds

If you have a growing family, you will need to find furniture solutions that are right for your home as your kids get older. Bunk beds are a classic solution for families that either don’t have a lot of space or want their children to share a room. At Woodcraft Furniture, we have multiple bunk bed models that are perfect for any home, including our Solid Pine Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed.

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