Home Office Furniture Essentials

Your home office requires a sturdy desk and file cabinets so you can optimize your work environment. However, you might not realize you need a few more pieces of furniture to complete the room’s design. Woodcraft Furniture explains some essential items for a home office to make this space totally yours.


Working in a home office shouldn’t be a struggle. A comfortable office chair is vital to your productivity. Without a proper chair, your body rebels against you with aches and pains. Consider a chair on wheels that moves around the desk area, and one that tilts and swivels so the chair conforms to your movements. Look for a piece that has plenty of cushioning and padding all the way around for ultimate comfort.

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Stands for Equipment

Not every piece of home office equipment fits onto your desk. A stand for your printer and fax machine might be in order. Store printer cartridges and reams of paper underneath the stand. The best stands have shelves or drawers below the top surface.


A modest bookcase offers a place to store manuals, guides, and three-ring binders for better organization in a home office. Feel free to add decorative pieces such as photo frames or small artwork. A bookcase allows you to de-clutter your desktop if things are getting out of hand. Three-ring binders let you empty some of your filing cabinets, thereby keeping your highest-priority documents within easy reach.

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Comfy Chair or Couch

Place a comfy chair or couch against the opposite wall of your home office. Not only does this spruce up the rest of the room, but it gives you a handy place to relax during an intense day. If you meet clients at home, a couch creates an inviting atmosphere. After the meeting, stretch out and lay back for a few minutes to reward yourself for a job well done. A couch also works perfectly for a power nap.

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Five Perfect Furniture Pieces for Your Home Office

Five Perfect Pieces of Furniture for Your Home Office

If you work from home with any regularity, you know just how important having the right office space is. Without the right furniture for your home office, it can be difficult to stay focused and be effective. At Woodcraft Furniture, we want to make sure that you have all the necessary furniture to create an excellent home office environment. In today’s post, we’ll look at five perfect pieces for your home office that are available at Woodcraft Furniture.

1. Royal Mission Writing Desk

Not all home offices are created equal, and for that reason not all home offices will need the same furniture. While many offices will need a large lavish desk with lots of storage space, some people just need a stylish and functional desk to write on. When it comes to writing desks, there are few better than the Royal Mission Writing Desk offered at Woodcraft Furniture. Featuring two small shelves and room for a computer, the Royal Mission Writing Desk is the perfect choice for a simple, inspired writing space.

2. Country Lane Two Drawer File

Another important aspect of a quality home office is storage. Without the right storage solutions, it can be difficult to keep your home office space clean and your work organized. If you need a storage solution that isn’t too bulky, our Country Lane Two Drawer File is a perfect option. This piece is available in pine or rustic cherry, with many different colors to choose from.

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3. McKenzie Executive Desk

If you need a bigger, more robust desk option, an executive desk gives you the space and storage that you are looking for. At Woodcraft Furniture, we offer several executive desks, including the McKenzie Executive Desk which is a sleek, modern option for your home office. With a keyboard drawer and a solid alder finished back, this desk will be a beautiful addition to any office space.

4. American Heartland Oak File Cabinets

While most home offices require only basic storage options, some people do the majority of their work from home and need a more comprehensive storage strategy. Our American Heartland Oak File Cabinets give you an expandable storage solution for your home office that is both customizable and lockable.

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5. Savannah Desk and Hutch

Customizing and furnishing a home office can be fairly easy if you have the right space. However, students know that furnishing a dorm room or small room for their school work can be a more trying task. The Savannah Desk and Hutch from Woodcraft Furniture is a perfect solution, giving students much-needed storage and workspace without taking up too much of their living area.

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