Create a Mudroom Space in Your Home

Ways to Create a Mudroom Space in Your Home

Many  American homes feature a mudroom. It’s an informal secondary entryway that functions as a place to remove and store jackets, footwear, and wet clothing before you enter the main house. Besides providing storage space, a mudroom serves to increase the cleanliness of the rest of the house.

Even if you don’t have a designated mudroom, you can create your own mudroom-like space with mudroom furniture from Woodcraft Furniture. We offer a wide selection of styles, wood types, and finishes.

An Efficient Space to Keep Your Home Organized

An organized mudroom area helps put some order to all the clutter of day-to-day life. It offers convenient storage for items like backpacks, gloves, shoes and hats, and it offers a seat for putting on or taking off shoes. It also provides a handy catchall storage space that keeps the house from becoming cluttered.

Read on for helpful ideas to design a mudroom for small spaces, laundry rooms, hallways, and more.

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Mudrooms Can Be Located in Small Spaces

Ideally, your mudroom should be at least 5 feet wide. This allows space for a standard hallway (3 feet wide) and a spacious bench and/or row of cabinets or lockers (2 feet wide).

If space is limited, a good size for a small mudroom is 4 feet wide. You can even turn a hallway into a mudroom space with a handy locker from Woodcraft Furniture.

Make Your Mudroom a Focal Point

If you don’t have a separate entryway large enough for a mudroom space, a well-built mudroom locker can be beautiful enough to grace your family room, dining room, living room, or wherever you have the space. And the bench can serve as additional seating in the room.

If your mudroom space is in a main living area or visible from living spaces, you should use containers to corral the shoes and other random items. You can use totes, baskets and bins to hide clutter.

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Add a Mudroom in Your Laundry Room

Your mudroom space doesn’t have to be huge. A corner of the utility or laundry room can perfectly functional for storing everyday items like bags and footwear. A truly organized home has the right storage solutions for all of your everyday items, and your mudroom is a great place to begin.

Blend Your Mudroom With Your Kitchen

You can pair one of our lockers with your kitchen cabinetry to create a mudroom space in your kitchen. The helpful staff at Woodcraft Furniture can even match the finish of your existing kitchen cabinets to make the area look like it’s always been there.

A mudroom near the kitchen can also double as a pantry for extra grocery goods. Use open shelving areas to make pantry goods easy to find. Incorporate a movable bench to keep even top-shelf storage within reach.

Contact Woodcraft Furniture to Build Your Mudroom

The friendly staff at Woodcraft Furniture are ready to help you construct your mudroom. We offer a wide selection of mudroom lockers because we work with over a dozen regional wood shops that use domestic hardwoods to create the perfect piece for your home. Go online to view your choices or come by one of our locations to view our selection.

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