Real Wood Home Office

Writing Desks

Our most popular home office solution is the simplicity of a writing desk. In most cases, a home office isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days of bulky computer towers and monitors and many people opting for paperless options when it comes to bills and other areas of business. This means a simple writing desk is all one needs to set up a clean and organized home office. 

We have a variety of writing desks available in various sizes and styles. Of course, these writing desks are all solid wood so you can rest assured that the desk will withstand all your home office activities. 

Writing desks are versatile in that they can be situated against the wall or in the middle of the room. Some of our desks have flip-down keyboard trays and some have built in USB ports for all your devices! 


Check out some of our most popular writing desks along with bookcases, executive desks, file cabinets, credenzas, and more!

Students Desks

Our student desks are a perfect fit for a child’s bedroom or a home office space that is smaller but still needs the benefits of added storage through drawers and files. 

Check out some of our student desks here.

Executive Desks

Our executive desks add elegance and functionality to any home office. With finish paneled backing, these desks can be situated against the wall or in the middle of a room or space. The desks feature file drawers and some have flip-down keyboard trays and pullout shelves for additional writing space. 

Check out some of the options here!

Other Home Office Solutions Include:


We have a variety of bookcases in a ton of sizes and styles with options like adding doors or drawers and the ability to flush cut the units to create a library of shelving units for a beautiful display of books, decor, and other keepsakes.

File Cabinets

We have a variety of file cabinets (two, three, and four drawer as well as lateral file options).


Maybe "custom home cabinetry" captures it better, but we have a variety of storage solutions that can be added to any home office so everything has its place.

What can we CREATE for you?

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