Woodcraft furniture accessories that complement real wood furniture

Real wood furniture looks fantastic in your home. It lasts a lifetime, creates a family heirloom, and goes with the rest of your room no matter what sense of style you adhere to. Woodcraft Furniture discusses beautiful accessories that complement real wood furniture in your home.


Chandeliers brighten the room and add an artistic touch to the ceiling. When paired with real wood furniture, they create a harmonious balance by having a contrasting or complementary hue and wood tone. For example, a real wood coffee table could be dark brown with a white or light brown chandelier. Go for a chocolate coffee table from Woodcraft Furniture with a dark brown chandelier for complementary colors.

Live Plants

Live plants are great accessories for real wood furniture from Woodcraft Furniture. Woody shrubs fill in an empty corner, while potted flowering plants fit nicely onto a bookcase or entertainment center. Greenery complements wood stains, and flowers add splashes of color to the room in an easy, inexpensive, and flexible way.


Table lamps and floor lamps brighten a specific spot in your room. They give you dimming options if you want just a little light for reading or as you watch TV. Consider a large coffee table in the middle of your room. A set of table lamps frame the coffee table when looking at the big picture of your living space. Pick a style that goes well with the real wood furniture in the room. If you find contrasting colors, a rug can bring the color scheme together.

Wood Carvings

Wood carvings are a natural accessory to real wood furniture from Woodcraft Furniture. Carvings go against the wall, on an end table, or stand alone on the floor depending on their size. Pick carvings based on your sense of style and the amount of space you have in the room. Much like plants, wood carvings can take up a large portion of your floor or a little nook on the end of a shelf. A gnarled carving would look great next to a perfectly stained entertainment center that has a beautifully patterned wood grain.

Real Wood Furniture From Woodcraft Furniture

When you want high-quality furniture for your home, head to Woodcraft Furniture to peruse our wide selection of real wood furniture. Design your own piece with the help of around a dozen manufacturers, more than 100 finishes, and your imagination. Contact Woodcraft Furniture today or stop by one of our showrooms in Greater Cincinnati.

Woodcraft furniture accessories that complement real wood furniture

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